Road Runner Formally Welcomes Magicians to Texas

Road Runner Formally Welcomes Magicians to Texas

Two magicians, and a car that is too small.

Magicians Ash K. & Kevin the Cap, Prior to Figuring Out the Car is Too Small for the 48 State Trip


"We loved the Carlsbad Cavern National Park, but I remember growing up in Eastern Europe and this guy
being chased by the funny dog in the cartoons, yet never getting caught."”

— Ash K., Magician

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 27, 2021 / — "It felt like a diplomatic mission was welcoming us," said magician Ash K., as the two magicians in their two cars spotted two Road Runners as the magicians crossed from New Mexico. "We loved the Carlsbad Cavern National Park, but I remember growing up in Eastern Europe and this guy
being chased by the funny dog in the cartoons, yet never getting caught."

Fresh from his TV appearance in Idaho Falls, Kevin the Cap was emphatic that, "It's of course fun being on TV, but the object of the game is to entertain as many people as possible over the lower 48 states, and media appearances get the word out that we are 'on the road.'"

Ash K. added, "We've beengood about sharing on social media, too – there is no shortage of good stuff on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok accounts."

"Connect with Magic"
At every stop, whether getting gasoline, coffee, or directions, the two magicians offer to show a trick or two to interested persons, and their enthusiasm is infectious.

The goal has always been to bring magic to people after a hard time for the country. Reached at his hotel in San Antonio, Texas, Kevin explained, "Magic is a want, not a need, and people have zero reason to know what a magic show costs. By both publishing our many kinds of shows, even close-up, strolling magic with cards and coins for guests, to Ash K.'s library shows, to my magic classes for adults and kids, we make sure the only surprise you get is us exceeding every expectation you have of us. Whether it's summer camp shows, retirement communities, libraries, or a home kids party, we have something for everybody … and no hidden fees or charges."

Two Different Styles
Ash K., aka Northern California’s funniest magician, was named the BayList Winner in the arts & entertainment category by readers of The San Francisco Chronicle and Hailing from the tiny Eastern European country of Balka (he helpfully explains, "Go to Poland, and make a right – can't miss it."), Ash K. is often described with quirky and vaudeville come to life.

Kevin the Cap practices what he calls Smart Magic for Smart People. Like Ash K., he is a Magician Member in good standing of the internationally recognized Academy of Magical Arts, known for its clubhouse, Hollywood's Magic Castle.
Kevin noted, "We have another fixable problem: several inquiries on social media are asking, 'When/where can we see the show?' when we are touring only because of the bookings we receive.

Back at his temporary lair across town, Ash K. explained, "Kevin made it super easy. You just go to the website,, pick which one of us you want to see, and which show – from strolling magic to a full stage show – and fill out the form. Kevin then confirms, you sign and get us your deposit, and you're all set for seeing some GREAT magic, LIVE! No Zoom shows on this tour!"

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About the Tour
Kevin further explained the historic origin of the tour: “Several historians of magic told us that we are the first to drive through all 48 states in a season. From ancient times until the 1940s, entertainers rode on horses, then in wagons, and then cars from town to town, bringing their comedy acts, ventriloquism, gymnastics, dramatic readings, and magic acts to crowds eager for diversion and something different. With the rise of movies nearly a century ago, then aviation, that migratory version of our profession disappeared, and entertainers simply take a plane to their next engagement. We’re both a bit of a throwback, and audiences love it.”

* * Now that more Americans are vaccinated (as are the two magicians), and the Center for Disease Control has determined that surfaces are not how the infamous virus is transmitted, a July 1st start date seemed reasonable, and while traveling, Ash K. & Kevin the Cap will continue to adhere to public health protocols as determined by the CDC and individual communities.

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Kevin the Cap Interviewed in Idaho Falls, Idaho

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