An Exceptionally Challenging and Fast-Paced Mobile Card Game A Unique Combination of Entertainment and Productivity


Duelitaire – An Exceptionally Challenging and Fast-Paced Crypto Card Game A Unique Combination of Entertainment and Productivity

TOLEDO, OHIO, USA, August 2, 2021 / — How about injecting an interesting and revolutionary spirit into it that will make your whole gaming experience exceptionally enjoyable?

Well, that’s why we are here.

We are a small, diverse indie team of talented designers and developers who love games and crypto currency. Our mission is to provide fun and immersive gameplay experiences by combining playfulness and functionality, making it a fun game suitable for everyone to play.

Duelitaire is a high-performance game that is born out of a strong desire to boost your mind, upgrade your gaming skills, and most importantly to keep you stay active socially. It is a turn-based multiplayer online card game where you can place bets against other players using coins. We will be developing our own cryptocurrency this provides you with an opportunity to invest in A.U Coin and gives you access to exclusive A.U. tournaments/and investment opportunities. It will bring new features and enhancements to the horizon of the gaming world. Moreover, there’s a live-action news feed where duelers share updates about what’s happening now and next on the platform as well as it includes important announcements from developers.

About Creator
Duelitaire is the story of one developer and his quest for creating an immersive multiplayer experience. Being someone who’s always ambitious to discover new ideas, I was inspired to create my own card game that delivers style, entertainment, and investment opportunity.

I was a local 8 electrician and started my own business in 2019. Everything was running smoothly but deep down inside, I knew that something was missing and that was none other than my passion to create games. I decided to follow my passion that was suppressed under my overwhelming struggles in life. I realized that it’s the right time to avail myself of this opportunity for becoming an indie and to turn my childhood dream into a reality.

In all honesty, I didn't know what would happen if this game failed but what I knew was that no matter which new journey I chose, there would still be a chance of failure. So, to attain success, I have to take the chance, embrace the failure, and stand again stronger than before with the hope that there is always more than one way of getting somewhere.

In the beginning, I was working on a game by myself. It went well and even better than my expectations. That was the time when I decided to take this game to the next level. By combining traditional gameplay mechanics with cutting-edge technology, I have created Duelitaire, an entirely innovative card game that anyone can freely enjoy. I have invested years of knowledge and creativity in developing this project and my team has poured its heart and soul into its creation to leave a lasting mark on gaming history. All we need now is your generous contribution to complete this project that has been pending for almost 2 years. We need your support as backers to complete our work and hire some professional graphic designers to excel at our highest potential.

What Makes Duelitaire Stand Out From The Crowd?

We know that in this fast-paced world, everyone needs a product that is durable and mobile. That's why we have created Duelitaire card game app, that’s in perfect harmony with your busy lifestyle. It can be played on any device, ranging from iPhones to iPads, to Android phones and tablets. This makes it a perfect companion to help pass your time when traveling as part of a business trip or trying to take some time out of your everyday busy routine for “yourself”. Above all, it is best to keep your kids busy while you catch up on Netflix cooking. Plus, the highly appealing and stunning graphics of the game will surely catch everyone’s attention at a glance.

What Will You Get?

Standard benefits:
• Download the game on iOS and Google play store for free!
• No in-app ads – well, that’s something very important for an intense gaming experience!
• Play in advance to learn the rules and it won't cost money!
• Accessible on IOS and Android.

Social benefits:
• Challenge your friends and family members! 
• Battle it out with players around the world!
• Make friends around the world and challenge them to a duel.
• Participate in tournaments with players from around the globe, take on bosses for prizes!
• Be never bored again with our new fresh and innovative card game.
• Play against AI bots to learn how the game works if you’re impatient or not good enough yet.

Our core beliefs!

We believe that successful people in the world are not those who were born with a silver spoon, but rather the ones who have taken risks and nurtured their failures. What does this mean to you? It’s about doing your best to rise again after every fall and learn from each mistake. All you have to do is to keep going until you achieve that success you’ve been striving for all along. This is what our company aims to do for giving back to society.

Lindsey Peterson
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Source: EIN Presswire