A Digital Application Produced By Gamers For Gamers Launches on Kickstarter

Empowering Players To Connect And Conquer

Empowering Players To Connect And Conquer



ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Alliance SOS

Alliance SOS is a globalized, online platform built to connect strategy gamers worldwide to form digital alliances. The application’s objective is to unite gamers from around the globe to team up and play popular strategy games among others.

Alliance SOS enables players to communicate in real-time and collectively protect their in-game progress from enemy team destruction. Through the app’s internal messaging system and integrated alerts, gamers can be universally connected and without complications, thanks to its all-inclusive features like global translation to decode foreign languages, time zone conversion to assist players with scheduling gaming sessions, and a “do not disturb” mode for players to mute notifications while offline, Alliance SOS is built for big things in the gaming realm.

The concept for Alliance SOS was created by the platform’s CEO, Kieren O’Neill amid COVID-19. As a habitual strategy gamer himself, Kieren along with his teammates have experienced the reality of communication difficulties during their gameplay and understand the value of a consistent contact resource. With the unreliability of existing in-game chats within current strategy games and the inconvenience of outside messaging platforms, Kieren was inspired to create Alliance SOS to provide a tangible solution for every gamer.

The purpose of Alliance SOS is to globally unite gamers, and with the world transitioning to globalization, specifically through technological means, the application grants gamers endless opportunities to create gaming groups that can become digital friendships and strong teams. The pandemic sparked Kieren to make more gaming friends, fuelling his concept for Alliance SOS to go beyond basic push notifications and be a symbol for teamwork, comradery, and progress. The application is designed to be a game-changer, to transform every gamer’s reality with connection solutions so players feel seen and heard.

As a funding method, the Alliance SOS team has chosen crowdfunding to to give gamers a voice in the applications development. The platform’s vision is to connect like-minded gamers and grant them the power to develop its existing functions and improve its future capabilities. For the app’s developers, listening is their greatest skill as they prioritize the wisdom of the crowds, the opinions, input, and perspective of every gamer who supports the Alliance SOS platform.

The Kickstarter Campaign launched on Wednesday 4th August to raise the remaining funds required for development.

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