Innovation in leather creates a new grade, Executive Leather, with characteristics to impact on fashion

machine washable leather

first leather which can be properly sanitised, without maintenance products

"…the idea for EXECUTIVE LEATHER started in May 2020, when we realized that a lack of proper disinfection, leather would have become a banned product…"

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, August 12, 2021 / — EXECUTIVE LEATHER, is the ultimate, refined grade that comes packing extraordinary qualities – making it one of the most important and essential improvements in recent history.

The Dutch company, developer of this leather is a proud supporter of leather innovation and evolution, and a creative trendsetter with an authentic vision for the leather and fashion industries of tomorrow. The company’s guiding principle is to always preserve respect for humanity, animal rights, and the ecosystem through its fair and sustainable product offering.

“Together with my business partners managing the tannery in India, we came up with the idea for EXECUTIVE LEATHER started in May 2020, when we realized that a lack of proper disinfection, leather would have become a banned product due to the stringent sanitisation measures that governments were demanding,” says the Director of the company, Eliot Paus. “As such, we did a lot of research, and now, we have created an incredible innovation.”

The EXECUTIVE LEATHER characteristics confirm its innovation status:
– Real leather, full-grain, top selected rawhides, sourced skins from sheep, goat, cow or buffalo
– Machine washable, with detergents for black laundry, even if the leather is white
– It does not require maintenance; contact with body oils will do that.
– Non-allergenic properties
– Does not wrinkle after washing
– Can be produced thin as paper till 0,3 mm, maintaining high strength
– Customisation option with high elasticity
– Matte or glossy finish options
– Colors come in any Pantone variety.
– All seasons leather, even for the hottest summer, from it’s breathable qualities and thickness
– Does not require linen or another impeachment
– Proven safe for lingerie production
– Safe for the environment, production process 100% with vegetable extracts and sustainable, with raw skins sourced from the meat industry
– With all the above features, it can also be produced with waterproof attributes.

Sheepskin and goatskin EXECUTIVE LEATHER can be produced till 0.3 mm thickness. All that without compromising on the strength, performance and durability. The color, textures and strengths are in warranty for 3 years, with unlimited washings.

“To license this innovation with global recognition, we have contacted the Guinness World Records, and an official judge will assist in testing and validating its authenticity,” says Eliot.

This exclusive machine washable leather is produced in 25-40 days, with full grain and no layers being removed. While 90% of the leather in the industry is processed in one day using Chromium salts; it is extremely harmful to the ecosystem, workers, regions where factories are located, and of course the end consumer of this cheap leather.

Leather Dictionary displays some examples of leather fibres glued onto a fabric base, pretend to be leather, using the name genuine leather. Marketing reconstructed materials, split leathers and other materials that don’t fit the above definition as the genuine article has become a widespread practice.

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