Yipli – The Fitness Gaming Smart Mat

Yipli – The Fitness Gaming Smart Mat

Introducing the most immersive and interactive fitness gaming platform for kids, families and everyone in between.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, August 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the world moves towards total digitisation, screens have become an everyday part of our lives. From providing entertainment to facilitating essential tasks, technology has changed our lives for better or worse. With how convenient the digital world has made things for us, it’s become easy to let go and allow ourselves to fall into sedentary lifestyles. The need of the hour was to introduce a concept that will motivate people to get moving without compromising on the joy derived from online entertainment, video games, and more.

That’s where Yipli steps in. We bring you a motion-detecting smart mat—the first of its kind in the entire country—and an array of engaging fitness games that combine real gaming with real exercise. This ‘Made in India’ interactive fitness gaming platform is created by a passionate team committed to inspiring a culture of fun and fitness using innovative technology. It’s extremely easy to set up and compatible with multiple devices: from your smartphone and tablet to desktops and smart TVs.

Yipli’s smart mat is equipped to track your body movements as you play and provide insights into your activity levels and calories burned. Play solo or in two-player mode, compete on leader boards, and earn rewards for your fitness progress. What’s more, our unique smart mat is lightweight and intentionally designed in a way that you can play anywhere—so take it along to a picnic or even a friend’s house! With a growing library of thoughtfully designed games, we’ll help you transform screen time into fitness time in no time.

Make fitness your forte and get your new playground today. At a competitive price of ₹6,999, our fitness gaming mat is available in multiple colours, comes with a Micro USB and a mobile stand, and can even be connected over Bluetooth. You only have to pay once for free unlimited access to 16+ carefully curated games, with a range of low to high-intensity physical activities that anyone from a 6-year-old child to a 60-year-old grandma can enjoy. Yipli is currently available in India and can be bought via Amazon or Flipkart—and soon Hamleys.

“We are committed to creating innovative tech to get people moving, be fitter versions of themselves and have fun along the way. We hope to inspire the culture of fun and fitness in the current and future generation.”
– Anand Oswal, Founder & CEO, Yipli

About Yipli
Since 2012, Yipli’s founders have been bringing fitness to over 100k kids through sports programs. They noticed a need where parents had to drag their kids to the field when they just won’t let go off their gadgets. This led to the creation of the perfect amalgamation of fun and fitness: Yipli.

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