Celebrate Grandparents Day Year-Round with Timely Greeting Card Deliveries

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NoteAlone, a recently launched greeting card subscription service, offers a safe and meaningful way to connect with your loved ones this Grandparents Day.


Jackie O’Hara
Founder and CEO

Celebrate Grandparents Day Year-Round with Timely Greeting Card Deliveries

As Grandparents Day nears closer, the national holiday offers a time to give thanks and appreciate the grandparents in our lives. The upcoming holiday on Sunday, Sept. 12 is quickly approaching, and NoteAlone is offering a timely yet thoughtful gesture to connect loved ones with their grandparents around the United States. *

NoteAlone, launched July 14, is a new greeting card subscription service targeted at seniors and aging adults. The “set it and forget it” model offers peace of mind for subscribers by sending their older loved one(s) a hand-crafted, customized and personalized greeting card in the mail – 12 times per year! NoteAlone saves valuable time and money spent picking and mailing greeting cards by doing all the legwork for its subscribers. With attention to detail and timely delivery, birthdays, anniversaries, major holidays and other important dates won’t be missed.

“Remembering our older loved ones, whether they live at home or in a facility, is important,” O’Hara said. “We hope our NoteAlone service provides a convenient way for people to make good on their intentions of showing they care.”

Grandparents are accustomed to receiving traditional greeting cards in the mail and NoteAlone offers the most reliable, stress-free and cost-effective way to bring a smile to their faces when they receive their specially designed greeting card. Grandparents Day only comes around once a year, but give the gift of thoughtfulness and care by keeping in touch with grandparents and aging loved ones year-round.

A subscription with NoteAlone takes three weeks to start, so to guarantee timely arrival for Grandparents Day, sign up now or learn more about how NoteAlone works by visiting notealone.com.

*NoteAlone mails to all 50 states. Delivery to recipients in Alaska or Hawaii may be subject to delay.


About NoteAlone
NoteAlone is an automated greeting card subscription service that takes the guesswork and hassle out of keeping in touch with your loved ones. With an annual subscription, customers can send hand-crafted, customized cards to aging family members or friends containing personalized messages catered to the recipient’s interests. Our “set it and forget it” subscription model means that you’ll never miss another birthday, anniversary or other important date. Save time and money picking out a card and paying for mailing costs – get started and learn more today at notealone.com.

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