UNIQUE ORIGINAL of “Gazing Still” by Igor Vasiliadis offered as UNLOCKABLE to NFT

"Gazing Still" by Igor vasiliadis

“Gazing Still” Collodion Wet Plate on metal by Igor Vasiliadis

Igor Vasiliadis

Igor Vasiliadis

Stamp signature

“Gazing Still” stamped/signed on torso of Metal Plate original

Art market bestseller – Original collodion wet plate on metal "Gazing Still" and it’s printable HiRez scan are available as NFT token addendums

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Unique Art collecting and Investment opportunity combining ever-growing Art market pricing and all advantages of Crypto & NFT potential is available for purchase. From now on to get one and only wet plate collodion original on metal and original HiRez scan (1/1) of "Gazing Still" you just have to unlock added content to NFT token minted on OpenSea platform.

Prints of this world-famous art bestseller are exhibited in hundreds of art galleries all around the world. This mystical, meditative artistic image showing gorgeous @stepankovskaya_sveta – Miss Russia and famous actress is made using 19th century authentic technology using 8×10 inches camera and optics proved by centuries. Pure sculptural beauty frozen with long exposure arise to antique esthetics.

This is one of the first cases when world renowned art is represented depending on clearness and reliability of crypto NFT data. It is marking important step in revolutionizing of nowadays Art market.

About the Artist:
More than 400 art boutiques represent works of Igor Vasiliadis in Europe, U.S., Japan, China and other countries and regions.
There are numerous publications enlightening Igor Vasiliadis’s art in the art magazines in Germany, France, UK, Italy, USA, China, Spain, Greece, Russia, Czech republic, Serbia and other countries.

Igor Vasiliadis has shot more than 200 magazine covers and above 300 fashion stories for Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Esquire, Wallpaper magazine, AMICA (Italy), ZiNC (USA), Flair (Italy) and other.

Igor Vasiliadis QUOTE "I love the equipment and technologies, which were proven by centuries of practice, those employing long exposures. This allows model’s soul to break out from the momentary world of emotions and appear in all of its multifaceted beauty. Dark tonality, artifacts of drying emulsion and all the mystics brought by silver and cyanides create the world of mystery, covered from our eyes by temporary and momentary emotions. They can be seen only during rear momentary lapses of reason, when we drop out of reality”.

Igor Vasiliadis
Igor vasiliadis
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