With Site Update, E-Pal Now Offering Real and Unique Experiences to Young People in the Metaverse

Freelancers can also earn money on the site by coaching players in games

LAKE FOREST, CALIF., UNITED STATES, September 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — E-Pal is winning fans and praise across the metaverse for its commitment to bringing real and unique experiences to young people.

More than just a gaming platform, E-Pal offers useful and interesting lifestyle services such as emotional support, relationship advice, sleep calls and more. Or, as an E-Pal spokesperson said, “We provide real-person interactive entertainment across hundreds of games and other interesting personalized social interactions. E-Pal lets you interact with delightful souls and E-Pal is here when your friends are not online, when you need a duo or want to make new friends.”

An E-Pal member who goes by Fox Charm online said, “I never expected the internet to be such a great, warm, comfortable place. E-Pal gave me the opportunity to feel like the part of a big and pleasant community even during COVID. I can say surely that I found my gaming family here, which welcomed me with open arms.”

E-Pal currently provides authentic and personalized companionship to more than 1 million users.

For its community of users, E-Pal provides more than 100 lifestyle services on the platform, such as emotional support, relationship advice, wake-up calls and more. The platform helps users develop and maintain intimate relationships between gamers and connect with others through voice chatting online, watching movies together and more opportunities to develop friendships.

Following a recent update to the site, one reviewer wrote, “English is not my native language, but I love to learn English and speak English. With the ‘meet’ feature in the E-Pal app, I can find many like-minded English-speaking gamers all around the world. I believe gaming, similar to music and arts, can be understood and enjoyed by everyone all over the world and there are simply no limits or borders. I love making friends with other gamers, so this app is perfectly designed for me!! The E-Pal community is also really nice and kind. The voice-chat room feature not only helps me improve my English-speaking skills but gives me a chance to talk to other like-minded gamers.”

Gamers can turn to E-Pal and its Teammate Finder when their friends are not online, when they need a duo or want to make new friends. There also are the coaches to help gamers improve their rankings and gaming skills. Coaches include experienced players and professionals.

Gamers can also play with streamers they like or just watch live streams and chill. They can also instantly team up with random gamers. The platform has more than 100 popular online website games, including “League of Legends,” “Dota 2,” “Overwatch” and “Call of Duty.”

In addition, E-Pal is good at meeting users’ personalized needs and matching gamers through preferences and personality. Users, through the player finder, can search players of specific games to game with or find professional gamers for game coaching. Users can also search for ideal players in the gaming community through Teammate Finder.

Also making E-Pal unique in the virtual shared space of the metaverse is that it is now providing job opportunities, making the platform the first to enable players to earn money by playing games. Freelancers can use the platform as an honorable and rewarding way to earn money by playing games with members, coaching them and, most importantly, by providing excellent service.”

In a review of the site, one freelancer wrote, “E-Pal recently launched a system for creators to get more traffic to their stream, which has significantly helped my numbers and increased my orders.
If you have free time and want some extra cash, this is about as easy as it gets. I would recommend using the website as well, as it’s easier to pay out and respond to matching faster.”

E-Pal also encourages users to create games through its Game Creator. By creating unique game strategies, a game creator can obtain awards and become an influencer to attract more followers and new gamers.

Users can purchase a subscription plus/premium membership with updated privileges.

For more information and to join the E-Pal community, visit epal.gg. Visitors to the site can also download the E-Pal app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.


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Source: EIN Presswire