OffGamers Partners With Gamigo: Reigniting The Love For MMORPG


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OffGamers Partners With Gamigo: Reigniting The Love For MMORPG!

We are excited to collaborate with Gamigo in bringing more MMORPGs to a wider audience. We are thrilled to offer these two game titles for gamers to enjoy.”

— Leonard Chee, CEO of OffGamers

SINGAPORE, September 21, 2021 / — In a newly established partnership, OffGamers and Gamigo are bringing the Steam versions of Archeage Unchained and Trove to a bigger audience. Two more MMORPGs to explore!

MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) bring life and adventure to be had by gamers everywhere. Every experienced MMORPG player knows how addictive these games could be as they bring in whole new worlds and experiences that are hard to come by in real life. It is a place to escape from daily routines and even a place where players could befriend others who lend a listening ear while fighting through hordes of enemies together. One can turn to MMORPGs to explore new worlds, craft items, save lives, and more with the freedom to be whomever, whatever. This freedom of choice is what makes MMORPG a beloved genre.

This is why bringing in Trove and Archeage Unchained to a wider audience is a great way to familiarize them with the in and outs of MMORPGs, especially if they’re new to the genre. Trove features a voxel-like world and characters, similar to Minecraft whilst Archeage Unchained brings a rather realistic 3D world to life for us to experience.

With these two games, both companies are here to let you know that MMORPGs can be a place of wonder and excitement that should be shared with more gamers everywhere.

Truly, the one aspect of MMORPGs that most people enjoy is that it allows you to make your own decisions based on your own play styles and preferences. Individualisation for the win! Let’s reignite the love for MMORPGs and continue to share it with everyone.

About Gamigo
A leading gaming publisher in Europe and North America, Gamigo has an ever-growing presence in the gaming industry. They currently have more than 30 MMOs, over 500 casual games and more than 20 game portals across the internet.

About OffGamers
OffGamers is an established global brand with 2 decades under our belt as a prominent online game store and distribution platform for gamers, game developers, and publishers.

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Source: EIN Presswire