Birdy Boutique Online Store Now Features Nine Types of Educational Blankets

Birdy Boutique, a certified disabled veteran and women owned business, has added a variety of educational blankets for kids to its online store.

ARMADA, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2021 / — Representatives with Birdy Boutique today announced that its online store now features nine types of educational blankets.

Barbara Kent, owner, and spokesperson for Birdy Boutique, explained that co-owner Joanna Serra, a former state level award educator, worked with her team to create Learning Blankets, a new brand under the umbrella of Birdy Boutique.

Birdy Boutique is a business built from the ground up by two immigrant sisters, Kent, a retired, disabled army veteran and Joanna Jozwik Serra, an award-winning educator. The company is a certified disabled veteran and women-owned small business certified through NaVOBA, NVBDC, and WBENC.

Birdy Boutique, according to Kent, creates products with purpose, encouraging children to play, learn and explore. Kent noted that learning is fun with its line of teaching items.

“Allow educational moments to happen naturally with the world's first sight word blanket along with other educational blankets such as world maps, dinosaur names, yoga and meditation, butterfly and bird species, and more,” Kent stressed before adding, “As teachers and parents we are always seeking new ways to engage our children and students on their educational journey.”

Research shows that hands-on activities greatly enhance retention and learning. Sometimes learning activities, according to Kent, can seem too rote.

“We wanted to create the perfect combination of education, fun, ease and comfort,” Kent said. “When you can combine something that kids love and use – blankets ( – with fun facts, then it takes learning to a more natural place where it doesn't feel like they are studying. Being able to lay down on the floor or sit on the couch with your child in a relaxed environment will likely provide a less stressful learning scenario.”

The nine types of educational blankets include:

• Sight Words Reading Educational Blanket for Kids. The blanket features lower and uppercase alphabet, digit numbers, and beginner words (Fry and Dolce lists). Side two has vowels and blends on the border and five rows of 19 more advanced sight words, totaling 95 more words for a total of more than 150 words.

• City Block Play Town Dino Exhibit Playmat Learning Blanket. It features a city block with streets, parking lots and community buildings such as a fire station, police, hospital, grocery and so much more. Side two includes a colorful vibrant dinosaur expo/habitat. Numbers, letters, and labels encourage learning of counting and reading.

• Dinosaur Species World Map Educational Blanket for Kids. The blanket includes a variety of dinosaurs for your little paleontologist. Illustrations and scientific names included such as Tyrannosaurus, Raptor, Allosaurus, and more, totaling in 24 dinosaur names and identifying pictures.

• Birds Butterflies Common Backyard Species Learning Blanket for Kids. This blanket includes a variety of 20 of the most common butterflies with clear illustrations and names. Side two includes 17 of the most common backyard birds with names and pictures.

• USA Map 50 States Capitals Birds Mammals Learning Blanket for Kids. Side one includes a large clearly printed map of the US, 50 states, capitals, rivers and mountains; Side two shows the birds and animals of each state with pictures and labels.

• Yoga Kids Poses and Games Mat Activity Blanket. Side one features a pose circle, 20 different yoga poses demonstrated by kids and labeled with pose names, positive reinforcement statements. Side two has an exciting activity trail for little feet and seven separate games that can be played outdoors or indoors including checkers, tic tac toe, bullseye, game board, and many more.

• English Spanish ESL Language Learning Blanket for Kids. Children can now easily learn English and Spanish easily from one blanket. Side one has common words in English and Spanish along with pictures of the word; Side two has 80 more common words in English and Spanish.

• Planets Weighted Blanket for Kids 5 pounds 55"x42" for Children 40 to 60 pounds. The construction of the company’s sensory heavy weighted blanket provides gentle pressure and warmth which mimics the feeling of being held closely, swaddled, and hugged.

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Birdy Boutique is a certified disabled veteran and women owned business offering products with purpose that encourage kids to play, learn and explore. Their meaningful product line includes learning blankets, car seat ponchos, educational tapestries and other unique self-designed products, which are tested and compliant with the highest safety standards.

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