Sabika to Launch Sisters-Inspired ALMI Jewelry

Alexandra Mayr-Gracik and Miriam Mayr model ALMI Jewelry inspired by their relationship.

Alexandra Mayr-Gracik (left) and Miriam Mayr (right) model ALMI Jewelry inspired by their relationship.

ALMI Jewelry Aims to Remind Everyone “It’s Okay to Be All Me”

ALMI is inspired by the connections between women. From mother to daughter, sister to sister, friend to friend. There is a unity in uniqueness.”

— Alexandra Mayr-Gracik

PITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 / — Nearly two years ago Sabika Jewelry’s Alexandra Mayr-Gracik and her sister Miriam Mayr went on a short retreat to strategize and reflect on what they see in store for the next decades of the now 20-year-old brand. What they left with was an idea they held onto until now, as the global pandemic pushed the idea aside – to launch new designs inspired by their own personal experiences as sisters supporting one another.

The sisters are now ready to launch the first collection under the ALMI Jewelry name – something they see as their own take on their mother’s original founding vision for Sabika.

“Sabika has extremely loyal customers, and I love designing jewelry for them every day. Then there are also those that come and go looking for fresh designs and I want to include and create something for those women as well,” says Head Designer & CEO Mayr-Gracik. “Instinctively while I was creating our current seasonal Sabika Collection I started designing other pieces I thought would speak not only to the women looking for different styles, but also were inspired by the conversation Miriam and I had two years ago.”

When Mayr, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, saw the start of the new designs she felt like it was an evolution of her own style as a professional woman in her mid-thirties.

“I felt like it was serendipitous – a light switch went off in me and I knew this was the time to launch ALMI. I always love everything Alex [Mayr-Gracik] creates, and how her jewelry connects women from many different backgrounds. I am in awe of how so much of both her and I live in these pieces,” explains Mayr. “Alex has a more organic free-flowing style and I like more structure and bold elements. Isn't it amazing how two different aesthetiques can be merged to make something powerful?”

ALMI is a combination of the names Alex and Miriam. It can also be read as “All Me” a reflection of the design ethos for those who wear it to make each piece of jewelry their own and express their true selves.

“Miriam and I are very different, as all sisters are, however we balance each other out and push one another to create every day. ALMI Jewelry is a reflection of that, and we hope when women put it on they admire their own female relationships – how these connections make us stronger and even more ourselves,” explains Mayr-Gracik. “ALMI is inspired by the connections between women. From mother to daughter, sister to sister, friend to friend. There is a unity in uniqueness.”

Sabika, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Alexandra Mayr-Gracik and Miriam Mayr’s mother Karin Mayr in Pittsburgh, PA. In that time the company has evolved into a multimillion dollar brand and their reach has extended to all 50 states plus Puerto Rico by their work with independent consultants.

“As young female leaders in a generational business we have a commitment to our mother’s original vision for Sabika. She teaches us as well as countless other women to own our stories and connect with one another through our uniqueness. Without her there would be no ALMI. ‘It’s okay to be all me’ – That’s the lesson we hope to promote in a new way through ALMI,” says Mayr.

The sisters hope ALMI will resonate with the busy, multitasking everyday woman. ALMI’s first collection contains a selection of pieces plated with 18K gold, several convertible necklaces, baroque pearl elements and it is handcrafted by artisans in Europe like all Sabika Jewelry Collections. Sabika will donate $5 from the retail price of each ALMI item purchased to one of three organizations: Girls Inc., Earth Day and Mental Health America. When customers select their ALMI styles they also choose which of these organizations they want their purchase to support.

“Giving back has always been at the core of Sabika. Now we strive to continue that tradition with ALMI. Using the power we have, we want to leave daughters everywhere a safer, cleaner and more joyous world,” says Mayr-Gracik.

A video reveal of ALMI will premiere on the official Sabika Jewelry social media accounts at 7:30PM EST on Wednesday, October 27th.

ALMI Jewelry will be available for purchase November 1, 2021.

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