Rapper Ghostface Killah Competes in Audio Dungeon’s Escape the Dungeon, New Dungeon Runner Show Announced

The Audio Dungeon crew

See how rapper Ghostface Killah fares in tabletop match with Audio Dungeon

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK , USA, October 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Live tabletop show The Audio Dungeon recently brought on rapper Ghostface Killah to compete on their show Escape the Dungeon. On top of this recent match, Audio Dungeon is happy to announce Dungeon Runner, a new show that fans can expect to watch.

In Escape the Dungeon, one guest or member of the Audio Dungeon crew is placed in a difficult DnD situation that guests rarely complete successfully. The player is armed with one common item and a random grab bag, each with a good or bad item. The player can gamble which item it is with a roll of the dice.

Ghostface Killah plays an assassin in charge of killing a king in his throne room. With 25 guards surrounding the area, Ghostface can only bring one item with him on his journey. With only ten minutes to complete the mission, the goal is to kill the king and escape the city without being captured. To see how things unfold, you can watch the video below.


Adding to their other popular shows, Audio Dungeon is announcing Dungeon Runner, where players compete in a DnD inspired game. Players who reach first place will receive prizes. In addition to Dungeon Runner, Audio Dungeon is also including leaderboards in their games such as Arcane City and The Celestial War.

Audio Dungeon hosts The Celestial War Iron Kingdom, a long-running weekly show. To play alongside them, head to their YouTube and Facebook channels. For more details on Audio Dungeon’s work, visit Audiodungeon.com.

About The Audio Dungeon:

The Audio Dungeon (TheAudioDungeon.com) has been around since 2018 and has been making a name for itself with its fun storytelling, great chemistry, and simple love for fan interaction. Based out of New York City, Audio Dungeon hosts and creates weekly live video roleplaying and geek related content. With distribution over Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Podcasts, and Dungeon TV, fans are flocking to the entertaining long form content with over 240,000 monthly viewers across all platforms.

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