Jodie King Launches Freedom Collective

Freedom Collective

Freedom Collective by Jodie King

Collectors will also have choice to own their piece in an exclusive digitally enhanced NFT

When we think of freedom we think of levity, but often the ones who feel the most free are the ones who feel the most safe. Freedom and structure go hand in hand.”

— Jodie King, Austin-based artist, entrepreneur and teacher

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, November 11, 2021 / — Austin-based artist, entrepreneur, and educator Jodie King launches the Freedom Collective today, her first new collection in a year. Keeping with her trend of creating a collection for the holidays to celebrate and reflect on the culmination of another year, 2021’s collection features 21 unique pieces of sharp, graphic abstract art, each the perfect size for a holiday purchase at 12”x12”. In addition, for the first time ever Jodie King is offering the option of purchasing an NFT version of her pieces for buyers of the corresponding painting.

Following the success of her sold-out 2020 collection Little Things, wherein Jodie utilized small-scale canvases to embody 20 things she found herself grateful for, she found herself departing from her typical lens of optimism and veering towards a different form of creative inspiration. The Freedom Collective confronts the hard questions that come alongside breaking free from our past and rebuilding from the ground up – questions of security, community, and self-care. “When we think of freedom we think of levity, but often the ones who feel the most free are the ones who feel the most safe,” says Founder Jodie King. “Freedom and structure go hand in hand.” With more angularity, definition, and sharp contrast than fans might be used to seeing from Jodie’s previous work, the Freedom Collective seeks to impart the same structure and security Jodie has managed to construct in her own life onto others.

But freedom and security do not come without taking big leaps, and, as Jodie often teaches to her many students, finding the courage to invest in yourself. That’s why Jodie has given the buyers of her work the opportunity to invest in more than just the tangible paintings themselves. For the first time ever, collectors of her paintings will have the opportunity to purchase the NFT equivalent of the piece they buy, a decision that Jodie came to after immersing herself for months in research on the future of the ever-changing art marketplace. “I wanted collectors to be able to have the original, as well as something else, an investment for themselves.”

The MSRP for each piece in the Freedom Collective is $697 USD. The affiliated NFT price is $200 USD (pricing for the NFT is solely for the original purchaser of the piece of art).

The Freedom Collective launches globally November 12, 2021 with early access on November 11, 2021 to Jodie King’s email community. Please visit to learn more.

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