Taylor Moore Arkansas Golfer Discusses Proper Nutrition for Avid Golfers

It is also imperative that golfers remain well-hydrated says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer.

It is also imperative that golfers remain well-hydrated says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer.

Taylor Moore Arkansas Golfer Discussed Proper Nutrition for Avid Golfers

FAYETTEVILLE,, ARKANSAS, USA, November 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Golfers, just like any other athletes, are always looking for that competitive edge on the course. From fitness plans to specialty clubs, to swinging techniques, every little bit helps, says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer. But one area that golfers often overlook is their diet. Proper nutrition can help improve speed, focus, energy, and recovery time, says Moore. On the flip side, without the proper nutrients, golfers may face aching joints, fatigue, and loss of focus. 

Shoot for Long-Term Energy Rather than Short Fixes Suggest Taylor Moore Arkansas Golfer
Golf is a long game, says Taylor Moore Arkansas Golfer. An 18-hole course can take anywhere from two to six hours to complete depending on the course, the weather, and the skill of the players. This means that it’s important to focus on food and beverages that provide long-lasting energy. 

It’s tempting to fill up on energy drinks, caffeine, supplements, or energy bars. But that’s the surest way to get to the dreaded sugar crash in the middle of the game. Sugar crashes can lead to headaches, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, irritability, and lethargy–none of which are good for the final score.

Instead, try eating a balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates, and fat before stepping onto the course. Eggs, avocado, salmon, and nutrient-dense greens like kale can make a perfectly balanced meal.

Then, as the day advances, snack on foods that will keep up energy without weighing the body down–like apples and nuts. Remember, if the game stretches on all day, snacks will be needed to keep up the body’s strength and stamina and keep the mind focused. 

Stay Hydrated
It is also imperative that golfers remain well-hydrated says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer. It’s easy to get caught up in the game and not realize how much walking and exercise is actually taking place. While players shouldn’t chug enough water to end up constantly running back to the clubhouse, water should be sipped throughout the game. 

Becoming dehydrated causes weakness, confusion, irritability, and loss of coordination says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer. So keep a water bottle or two on hand, just in case. Sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade can also be refreshing and replenish electrolytes. Just be careful not to overdo it or the risk of experiencing a sugar crash increases–especially if drunk on an empty stomach. 

Ditch the Alcohol 
Golf is a relaxing game, and many people play it to unwind after a hard week. But when players are seriously trying to improve their game, they should lay off the pre-game and on-course drinks, says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer. Many players believe that a drink beforehand “loosens them up” for the course. But it also decreases focus and clarity, weakens muscles, and lessens coordination. So if a player is trying to improve, they should stick to water instead. 

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