Skip Drish Captains Boat Charters to Share Others the Beauty of Florida’s Coast

Skip Drish Tampa

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — Florida attracts millions of visitors every year, and with its vast sandy beaches, pristine fish-filled waters, vibrant culture, and pleasant weather, it’s no wonder why. Skip Drish is proud to be a Floridian and loves sharing the beauty of the Sunshine State with others. A man of many talents and occupations, one of the seaman’s favorite endeavors is operating boat charters along the Florida coast.

Currently based in Tampa, FL, one of the area’s maritime and seaside hotspots, Skip Drish possesses a 100-ton Boat Captain’s License, a qualification which serves allows him to serve his community well in both touristic and law enforcement endeavors, including leading boat charter trips. These trips offer visitors and residents alike a unique perspective and the chance to catch incredible vistas and glimpse some of Florida’s native wildlife, including various bird species as well as potentially alligators, manatees, dolphins, and turtles.

In addition to his appreciation of the water for fishing and leisure, Skip Drish Tampa has dedicated much of his life to protecting and serving on land and at sea. Along with completing boat charters, he also contracts with the local police department and assists with search and rescue efforts. He also has an impressive background in security, emergency response, and law enforcement. After serving in the U.S. military as a Military Police/Investigations Corporal and Squad Leader in the U.S. and Europe from 1981 to 1984, during which time he earned a U.S. Army Medal for Heroism in the line of duty, he served in various roles within local, state, and government law enforcement arenas, beginning with a position as a Chicago Police Department officer. He has also served in various roles in security, medical services, and investigations, including working on the front lines and as an educator for emergency first response.

On top of his 100-ton boat captain’s license, Skip Drish of Tampa has earned International Convention of Standards Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers certifications. This organization (STCW) sets the internationally-recognized standards for masters, officers, and watch personnel on seagoing merchant ships and yachts. When he is not providing maritime tours or aid himself, he trains others at local and state levels in subjects such as CPR-AED-First Aid and Search and Rescue – Airboat, ATV, Motor and Equestrian Operation.

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Game Engines Market 2020 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities Forecast To 2026

New Study Reports "Game Engines Market 2020 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2026" has been Added on WiseGuyReports.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, February 21, 2020 / — Game Engines Market 2020-2026

New Study Reports "Game Engines Market 2020 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2026" has been Added on WiseGuyReports.

Introduction/Report Summary:

This report provides in depth study of “Game Engines Market” using SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat to the organization. The Game Engines Market report also provides an in-depth survey of key players in the market which is based on the various objectives of an organization such as profiling, the product outline, the quantity of production, required raw material, and the financial health of the organization.

"A game engine is a software framework designed for the creation and development of video games. Developers use them to create games for consoles, mobile devices and personal computers.

Game engines are tools available for game designers to code and plan out a game quickly and easily without building one from the ground up. Whether they are 2D or 3D based, they offer tools to aid in asset creation and placement."

Key Players

The report has profiled some of the Important players prevalent in the global like – Unity Technologies,
Epic Games
Chukong Tech
Valve Corporation
YoYo Games
The Game Creators
Marmalade Tech
Idea Fabrik
Leadwerks Software
Corona Labs (Organization, and more.

This report covers the sales volume, price, revenue, gross margin, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, intermediaries, customers, historical growth and future perspectives in the Game Engines.

Request for Free Sample Report of “Game Engines” Market @

Market Segmentation based On Type, Application and Region:

The global Game Engines is analyzed for different segments to arrive at an insightful analysis. Such segmentation has been done based on type, application, and region.

Based on type, the global Game Engines Market is segmented into 3D Game Engines, 2.5D Game Engines, 2D Game Engines and other

Based on application, the Game Engines Market is segmented into PC Games, Mobile Games, TV Games, Other Games and Others.

Based on Detailed Regional Analysis, the regional segmentation has been carried out for regions of U.S., Canada, Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and Brazil, etc. Key regions covered in the report are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The report on WGR includes an in-depth study of the Game Engines in each regional segment mentioned above.

Key Stakeholders 
Game Engines Market Manufacturers 
Game Engines Market Distributors/Traders/Wholesalers 
Game Engines Market Subcomponent Manufacturers 
Industry Association 
Downstream Vendors

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.

Complete Report Details@

Major Key Points from Table of Content:

1 Industry Overview of Game Engines

2 Industry Chain Analysis of Game Engines

3 Manufacturing Technology of Game Engines

4 Major Manufacturers Analysis of Game Engines
4.1 Unity Technologies
4.1.1 Company Profile
4.1.2 Product Picture and Specifications
4.1.3 Capacity, Production, Price, Cost, Gross and Revenue
4.1.4 Contact Information
4.2 Epic Games
4.2.1 Company Profile
4.2.2 Product Picture and Specifications
4.2.3 Capacity, Production, Price, Cost, Gross and Revenue
4.2.4 Contact Information

and more


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Eliot Pargament an Experienced Farrier Caring for All Breeds & Disciplines

Eliot Pargament Arkansas

SPRINGDALE, AR, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2020 / — Eliot Pargament is a farrier and business owner. Presently, Eliot Pargament provides his services to those in and around Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. He can be reached at (703) 727-5281, or

Horses are some of the most elegant and powerful creatures on earth. To own one is a true privilege as well as a huge responsibility. From training to veterinary care, equines can be more challenging than many animals to care for, though the payoff is well worth all the hard work. One of the best resources in your equine care arsenal is your local farrier. Eliot Pargament Arkansas, an experienced equine expert, is a trusted AFA- certified farrier servicing the Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware area.

After many years of equine experience, Eliot Pargament graduated from the “Harvard” of horseshoeing, the Kentucky Horse Shoeing School in Richmond, after graduating from the Tuscon School of Horseshoeing. He then apprenticed in the Washington, D.C., area, working with some of the most knowledgeable and respected farriers in the U.S.. Eliot Pargament worked as an assistant instructor at the University of Maryland and continues to take part in teaching and educational opportunities in the U.S. and Hamburg, Germany.

Eliot Pargament is the owner of Metro Farrier Services and has traveled the U.S. working at several horse shows and rodeos, including The Prince George’s Equestrian Center – Best Thoroughbred Hunter/Jumper Show. He was also a farrier at the Black-Eyed Susan Indoor Summer Classic at The Prince George’s Equestrian Center.

In addition to his wealth of knowledge and experience, Eliot Pargament brings to his work a true passion for horses and equine care. He works with all breeds and disciplines and is adept at working with routine work, including regular shoes and trims, as well as hot/cold and therapeutic shoeing, and treatment for laminitis.

Eliot Pargament’s customers know him as a dependable, patient professional who has his clients’ and horses’ best interests in mind at all times. More than providing hoof care and shoeing, he strives to educate his clients to help them better care for their animals and prevent issues. This includes educating owners about the importance of cleaning the horse’s shoes at least twice a day, ideally before and after putting the horse out or riding, to check for issues such as lodged objects or signs of trouble such as laminitis or founder.

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Justin Williams Laser Explores the “Metroidvania” Genre

Justin Williams Laser explains the oddly-named genre and lists some of his favorites.

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2020 / — Justin Williams Laser points out that there are some video game genres that are self-explanatory—most of them, in fact. First-person shooters are shooting games that put you behind the camera of a first-person viewpoint. Strategy games employ some sense of strategic thought. Even games with more esoteric genre names like “platformers” can be easily sussed out: you jump on platforms. In the case of the Metroidvania genre, no amount of logical thought will lead you to the correct definition unless you know the origins of the name.

If you’re at all familiar with classic video games, Justin Williams Laser explains, you might have already figured out how this genre received its name: the genre “Metroidvania” is a portmanteau of the titles of two classic video games, Metroid, and Castlevania. Justin Williams Laser points out that while the games couldn’t be more different thematically (Metroid tells the story of Samus Aran, battling space pirates on an alien world in the future, while Castlevania stays firmly planted on Earth in medieval times, and documents a vampire hunter’s battle against Dracula), the two shared common gameplay elements that at the time, weren’t so common.

One of the first of the genre is commonly considered to be the first Metroid game. In this game, released in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, you are dropped in the middle of an enormous game map, with little to no powers of your own. The map, while open-ended and encouraging exploration, still guides the player along a “main” path, leading to new areas. In these new areas, you obtain new powers that allow you to traverse new paths and unlock new areas. Justin Williams Laser explains that this is one of the core concepts of a Metroidvania game; a game must follow these tenets to be considered part of the genre.

Justin Williams Laser clarifies that at this point in time, the term “Metroidvania” had still not been coined, as the Castlevania games being released at the same time as the original Metroid were still being made in the vein of classic platformers, where the gameplay is separated by levels, and the player generally only moved from left to right in order to progress through the game.

While the style of game Metroid introduced began gaining popularity (Justin Williams Laser points out Super Metroid, the sequel released in 1994 as an example), it wasn’t until Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was released in 1997 for the PlayStation that the genre truly began taking off. It was sometime soon after this time period that the term “Metroidvania” was coined, although as Justin Williams Laser points out, no one is completely sure who originally invented the term.

Today, you can find a veritable ton of Metroidvania games of varying quality. Justin Williams Laser lists Dead Cells, Cave Story, Blasphemous, and Axiom Verge as some modern-day choices, just to name a few. One to definitely check out is Bloodstained, released in 2019 and created by Koji Igarashi, the man credited with establishing the defining features of the genre with 1997s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

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Brooke Horan Williams Talks About the Primary Differences Between Theater and Screen Acting

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2020 / — An acting career comes under the heading of performing arts. Performing arts is described as forms of creative art in which the artists perform in front of audiences and use their bodies, voices, or objects to show artistic expression. Some examples include singing, dancing, and acting. Brooke Horan Williams has been doing theater since she was 6 years ago, and in this article, she talks about the primary differences between theater acting and screen acting.

While performing in films and television may seem effortless, Brooke Williams says, it’s a lot different that performing live in front of a theater. One of the biggest differences between screen acting and stage acting is that in the theater, the audience is farther away from the stage. When acting for films and television, the camera is much closer and can capture many more facial expressions. Because of this close-up perspective, she says, actors on film and television need to have more controlled movement and completely natural gestures since every expression can be seen. Stage actors, on the other hand, need to exaggerate their gestures, facial expressions, and movements so they can be seen from all areas of the audience.

Another big difference, says Brooke Horan Williams, is that stage actors don’t have the ability to fix their mistakes. With screen acting, directors can stop the action at any time and ask to have a scene repeated. This is not the case in theater acting in front of a live audience where the actors have only one opportunity to get it right. In fact, this is another skill a stage actor needs to have: the ability to improvise on a moment’s notice. Brooke Horan Williams says that many times things will go wrong when performing onstage in front of an audience. At that point, the actors need to continue in character, just as if nothing is wrong. This requires quick thinking on their feet and the ability to just keep going. Some things that happen, Brooke Horan Williams explains, are things like wardrobe malfunctions, set props falling over, or forgotten lines. “It happens all the time,” she explains, “and we just work it right into the play as if it were a part of the script.”

It probably goes without saying that successful actors must be able to act. Whether self-trained or a graduate of a drama school, actors must be able to portray believable characters in a manner that connects with the audience. Brooke Horan Williams says one of the major differences that most people don’t consider is the difference in preparation time for actors. For example, with screen acting, the set is often busy and the pace extremely active. The actors may be expected to learn a new set of lines on a moment’s notice or perform any scene out of order due to budget concerns, staffing issues, or inclement weather. For these reasons, screen actors are expected to come to set ready to work. On the other hand, Brooke explains, the pace for stage actors is a lot slower. Actors are allowed time to practice and often learn most of their scripts during rehearsals. By the time they perform publicly, they have practiced many times.

Some of the best actors are able to transition easily between the two venues, she adds, since many of the same skills are needed. However, knowing the differences between the two is necessary to help prepare the actor for a successful career.

Brooke Horan Williams has been involved with theatre as long as she can remember. At the age of six, Brooke Horan Williams starred in her first school play as Snow White, and ever since, she’s been passionate about the stage.
After graduating from college, Brooke Horan Williams began her career in stage management, pursuing her passion as soon as she was able. Brooke Horan Williams' love of acting translates to her hobbies, as she spends most of her free time taking in films and television. Brooke Horan Williams is proud to be involved with her local theatre and has recently started auditioning for film and television.

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Connection Zoo Play-Based Learning Helps Kids Feel Well, Do Well and Be Well

Shown here with animal characters from Connection Zoo, Kjirsten and Taylor Mickesh created their company, ConnectHuman to help others form meaningful connections at home, at school, and throughout life.

Joined here by some of their Connection Zoo animal friends, mother-and-son team Kjirsten and Taylor Mickesh created Connection Zoo to empower people to form meaningful connections that improve their well-being and performance.

Shown here is the Connection Zoo Family Game Kit, illustrating all kit components. Bright, colorful animal and zoo imagery is highly engaging, to help kids learn social and emotional skills and connection strategies as they play zookeeper and care for their zoo animals.

Connection Zoo Family Game Kit contains animal cards for conversation starters or gameplay, zoo map, online printable activities, stickers and goal sheets, and zookeeper progress badges. Educator kits include teaching guides and SEL tools. Therapists may use either kit.

Connection Zoo cards can be used as conversation cards or played as a game. Shown here, a mom and two kids enjoy connecting with Connection Zoo animal cards.

Connection Zoo provides families with a fun, easy way to connect, play and learn together. Connection Zoo cards can be used as conversation cards, or played as a game.

New Social and Emotional Learning Game Empowers Children to Thrive in Everyday Social Situations

Our culture is experiencing a social and emotional crisis. Connection Zoo offers a screen-free way to teach kids the social and emotional skills they need to feel well, do well and be well.”

— Kjirsten Mickesh, Co-Founder of ConnectHuman

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, February 20, 2020 / — Parents want their kids to be happy and healthy. As rising rates of childhood stress and anxiety impact even the youngest kids, a new play-based learning toolkit offers hope. Designed by a mother-and-son team to help kids effectively manage big emotions and anxiety, build strong relationships and feel better, Connection Zoo® offers screen-free fun and connected learning through conversation and play.

Rising technology use drastically impacts human connectedness, especially among youth. A recent study links youth screen time of more than one hour per day to progressively lower psychological well-being, with high users of screens more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety.* When not addressed, these issues create lasting effects on development and academic success.

“Our culture is experiencing a social and emotional crisis” said Kjirsten Mickesh, co-founder and CEO of ConnectHuman, maker of Connection Zoo. “Our brains are wired for human connection, and yet, the rise of digital media is eroding our emotional connection. Connection Zoo offers a screen-free way to teach kids the social and emotional skills they need to feel well, do well and be well.”

How Connection Zoo Works
Connection Zoo can be used as conversation cards or played as a game. It’s fun, easy and portable. Connection Zoo uses animal images and fun facts to create associations between the animals and the social and emotional experience. The animal associations give kids the words they need to talk about what they’re feeling and thinking, the courage to ask for help, and the confidence and skills to engage in everyday social situations. With Connection Zoo, kids are zookeepers, responsible for knowing their animals, talking about their animals, taking care of their animals, and inviting supportive people to their zoo.

“Connection Zoo helps kids thrive, not just survive.” says Mickesh, “It can be challenging to communicate with kids about anxiety and stress, especially when they don’t have the words to talk about what they are feeling and thinking. Connection Zoo uses conversation and play to create connections, develop awareness and teach critical life skills.”

"Socializing with those around me contributes to my happiness and creativity,” adds Connection Zoo Designer Taylor Mickesh. “I would love for everyone to feel comfortable in social situations, and know there are people in their lives they can lean on when they need support. We hope Connection Zoo will help by teaching kids social and emotional skills at a young age, enabling them to better manage stress and anxiety.”

Connection Zoo offers both family game kits and educator kits at, with expansion packs and services launching later this year. Free resources also can be accessed at

About ConnectHuman
Minneapolis-based ConnectHuman was founded by mother-and-son team, Kjirsten and Taylor Mickesh, to help people form the connections essential for a happy and healthy life. Connection Zoo is used by families, educators and therapists and can be ordered at



Kjirsten MIckesh
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Whether in the classroom, living room or therapy session, Connection Zoo is a playful way for kids to learn about emotional needs and practice social skills.

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Top Toy and Activities Company, ORB™ Toys Unveils its 2020 Product Portfolio at North American International Toy Fair

ORB Flowtonia™, one of the most unique, mess free compounds redefines stretchy, flowing, sensory, tactile play.

Inspiring imagination and creative play have been one of the driving forces that define who we are. The new, innovative brands we are launching continue to revolutionize the way children play.”

— Michael Bianco

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA, February 20, 2020 / — ORB™ Toys, a global leader in innovative, imaginative, hands on tactile play is excited to reveal its new brand launches and line expansions to their already top trending product portfolio.

ORB Flowtonia™, released in Fall of 2019, emerged as one of the most unique, mess free compounds redefining stretchy, flowing, sensory, tactile play. The innovation and product expansion continues with the release of new products and the unveiling of two new Flowtonia colors. Make sure to experience the unique 30-foot sensory sensation, the ORB Flowtonia™ Creators Studio, a one of a kind, hands-on interactive event.

In addition to Flowtonia, ORB™ will debut three new brands, ORB CloudPuffz™, Goooze Magik Bub’l Gel™ and Plusheez™ solidifying their place as a key innovator within the collectible, toy, and activity space.

“Inspiring imagination and creative play have been one of the driving forces that define who we are,” says Michael Bianco, ORB™’s President and Partner. “The new, innovative brands we are launching continue to revolutionize the way children play. We are beyond proud to be showing a mix of new brands and product extensions that are sure to create joy for children around the globe.”

ORB™ CloudPuffz
ORB CloudPuffz™ is the latest in biodegradable activity innovation that brings together hands-on, tactile designing and creation. ORB CloudPuffz™ are fun, bright, shaped building puffz that when moistened with water stick together, creating enchanting, colorful creations! (Approx. Retail Price: $9.99 /Ages 5 years & up/Available: June)

Goooze Magik Bub’l Gel™
Super strong bubbles that swing and sway, withstands a whack, fun to stack and near impossible to pop are back! Introducing Goooze Magik Bub’l Gel™, the bubble blowing, blurping, splaating, sqweezy gooo that’s impossible to put down. This super strong compound is outrageously fun with giggles guaranteed! Goooze Magik Bub’l Gel comes in multiple formats including the irresistibly mouthy Bubz and a more family focused bubble blowing battle bonanza where anything can happen.
(Approx. Retail Price Range: $5.99 – $29.99 /Ages 5 years & up/Available: July)

Plusheez™ are the latest in cute, collectible, plush characters that integrate imaginative play with collectability in a way not yet seen in the plush market! Plusheez love to dress up and spend time with their friends. Dress them up in their favorite outfits, snuggle them up in their houses, or take them out to the Plusheez Café for a sweet treat. Plusheez™ love to share, so be sure to mix, match, and collect the whole village! (Approx. Retail Price Range: $4.99 – $14.99 /Ages 5 years & up/Available: Fall 2020)
ORB™ will showcase its full product offering at Toy Fair New York from February 22-25 at Jacob K. Javits Center at booths 739 and 939. Please contact if you’d like to set up an appointment.

About ORB™
ORB™ Toys is best known for bringing to life innovative tactile toys, must-have collectibles, and fun activities. We create moments of awe and wonder to build self-esteem in youth around the world through exceptional play experiences. Our ORB™ family of more than 20 brands includes some of the most exciting product lines to hit retail shelves, such as ORB Morphimals™, ORB Flowtonia™ and our newest activity introduction, ORB CloudPuffz™. As one of the most respected toy and activities companies in the world, you can find our products in over 70 countries and in the hands of millions of children worldwide!

Shanni Novak
ORB™ Toys
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The Chrome Angel Murders: Blood Quantum

Cyberpunk Pin Up is a Perk of the Campaign. Cosplayers can be a part of the book.

Forged armor and non firing side arm is a perk as well. Turner wore real metal costumes for the live action series on Amazon Prime called The Iron Detective Anthology.

A high tech armored cop must stop a state of the art serial killer. The artwork is by Simeon Aston, and is truly beautiful.

A Native American Cyberpunk Thriller Graphic Novel

Jessica Nigiri, Meg Turney, Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas would fit right in. One can dream!”

— Jason Turner

KANSAS CITY, MO, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2020 / — Jason Turner is a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, a federally recognized tribe. Launching his second comic book and following up a release on Amazon Prime, he has teamed up with Metal Made Flesh creator and cyberpunk savant Simeon Aston in a new campaign that looks techno-sexual and thought provoking as well.

Turner has struggled with being of mixed heritage for many years now and chose to tackle it in a book. "I have noticed that indigenous artists are severely overlooked in the entertainment industry. I hope to change that. In doing so, I am bringing a new chapter to a passion project I have been working on for many years. It is a Native American Cyberpunk Murder Mystery and one of a kind."

Why would they choose Kickstarter to fund this project?

Turner laughs.

"I've always joked that it's kind of like trying to be George Lucas, but with no money or studio. I have pitched the Iron Detective as a movie, a Netflix series, an anime series, even a video game. It's a huge world that I have lived in and developed for over twenty years. However, I do not have a galaxy sized fan base."

IronApe Propwryx has agreed to produce a hand raised metal armor piece and non-firing futuristic side arm for the serious collector. "If you want to cosplay, this is the only place to get the gear!" says Turner.

Across the Atlantic, Brighton UK based artist Simeon Aston has a flair for Cyberpunk meets Dark Science Fiction art. His work is freehand pencil drawings mixed with digital imaging. He is the co-creator of and lead artist for Metal Made Flesh. His art is featured regularly in Heavy Metal Magazine.

Blade Runner, Robocop, Star Wars, Akira, and The Terminator are major influences. Turner goes one step further in his fandom.

"There are some fun shout outs for like minded fans like us, but there is also some dark frightening imagery as well. It's clearly not for kids. It would be right at home with an HBO adult audience or even a anime film audience, the likes of which Ghost in the Shell or Ninja Scroll fans might enjoy. "

Simeon Aston is a bit more quiet on the outside, but has been a very positive influence on the project. He prefers to let his art do most of the talking. We do hear a bit of his smooth accent on the Youtube Channel which has many of the behind the scenes of the live action shorts for this project.

Overall, this project touches on a much larger issue that may have had these two men be at odds over a century back in time. Blood Quantum refers to a highly controversial measurement of the amount of "Indian blood" you have. It can affect your identity, your relationships and whether or not you and your children may become a recognized citizen of your tribe. Blood quantum was a system that the federal government placed onto tribes in an effort to limit their citizenship. Even today, The Indian Removal Act is still in effect.

"In our story, we combine this concept with cyberpunk tropes and transhumanism, in a detective story. I can't say that it will change the dark history of the colonization of the Americas, but it certainly will start a conversation. In these strange times, facts and actual history are more important to understanding human spirit than someone deciding how much blood matters. The only time blood quantum is used elsewhere is during animal breeding. It's pretty strange but Natives have to deal with this their entire lives. "

However, the story will also touch on high tech low life tropes in cyberpunk. It will mirror some real world things that are in the near future such as artificial body parts, computers wired into living tissue, and something that Mr Turner calls "Exonetics".

"It's a word that uses the Exoskeleton idea of Tony's Stark's Iron Man Suit and the Cybernetics of Robocop or The Terminator. Exonetics sounds cool to me. It's like have a sub dermal port below the skin, and the Iron Detective, wearing a modern day suit of armor can still have his organic parts protected. As he gets damaged, he may have full replacement augmentations."

So where do the Chrome Angels come in?

Turner describes them as "body augmentation elites". Body modifications have evolved with the times, and people will replace their organic parts with designer body modifications. For example, a night club singer has a shiny chrome arm the way perhaps a modern day singer would have an elaborate tattoo. However, these modifications are highly valued and become the source of many crimes in the city.

There are robots called the SWARM, which stands for Sex Worker Automated Recreational Mannedroid. These techno-sexual dolls are hacked and reprogrammed and commit crimes for a state of the art cyber-terrorist. They steal the Chrome Angel body parts and use them to enhance their own appearance and infiltration of the elites and eventually start real chaos.

Jason's brother Trevor Turner is writing a third graphic novel. "My younger brother has been writing some amazing stories over the years. He approached me with a concept in the Iron Detective world, and I am really excited to read what he comes up with. Once written, we want Simeon to do his cyberpunk magic. It's called The Black Freeze, and Trevor has been knee deep in the story. My brother also has an idea for a tabletop card game in this world. We are going to be busy for the next few years."

There is also some real celebrities involved in the project. Alex Harper, fashion model and cat lover, has agreed to be the Blood Queen, a sort of super spy double agent. Jason also is looking for other celebrities to be in the book. "Jessica Nigiri, Meg Turney, Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas would fit right in. One can dream!"

Jason Earl Turner
+1 816-682-6213
email us here
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The Chrome Angel Murders

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Artworks by Sargent, Koons, Chihuly, Sword all do well at Bruneau & Co.'s two-session sale held Feb. 15 in Cranston, RI

John Singer Sargent (American/U.K./Italian, 1856-1925) figure study drawing of Moloch, god of material possessions, from the Pagan Gods Mural at the Boston Public Library ($22,800).

Jeff Koons (American, b. 1955) porcelain blue balloon dog in the original box, 10 ½ inches in diameter, mounted to a silver mirror polished plate, from edition #1,495 of 2,300. ($7,500).

Two-piece art glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly (American, b. 1941), an organic abstract yellow and red shell-shaped basket cradling a red and yellow jack-in-the-pulpit footless vase ($7,500).

George Jones majolica partridge tureen made in England around 1875, 7 inches tall, a figural nesting bird handle atop a leafy lid, with rabbits and oak trees decorating the bowl ($5,000).

Early 20th century German horizontal steam engine with a large flywheel mounted to a footed casing decorated with stencil designs, retaining some original paint ($1,875).

The John Singer Sargent drawing was a study for Moloch, god of material possessions, from the Pagan Gods Mural adorning the walls of the Boston Public Library.

The Sargent was the second lot in Session 2 and it topped its $10,000-$15,000 estimate, selling to a phone bidder. The drawing carried a huge amount of interest.”

— Travis Landry

CRANSTON, RI, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2020 / — A figural charcoal on paper drawing by the renowned and well-traveled portrait artist John Singer Sargent (Mass./U.K./Italy, 1856-1925) sold for $22,800 at a two-session auction held Feb. 15 by Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers, online and in the Cranston gallery at 63 Fourth Avenue. Majolica pieces, fine art and steam engines all fared well in the auction.

The Sargent drawing was a study for Moloch, the god of material possessions, from the Pagan Gods Mural that adorns the walls of the Boston Public Library. Sargent was approached for this commission by the library’s architects in a project that lasted from 1895-1919. Sargent achieved fame and fortune for his elegant depictions of high society, particularly the portrait Madame X.

Session 1 of the sale, held in the morning, featured an important single-owner collection of steam engines, cast-iron and other pre-World War II toys and other items. Session 2, starting at 12:30 pm, showcased Bruneau & Co.’s normal mix of antiques, fine art, decorative arts, silver and more, to include an outstanding collection of English, German and French Majolica collectibles.

“The Sargent was the second lot in Session 2 and it topped its $10,000-$15,000 estimate, selling to a phone bidder,” said Travis Landry, a Bruneau & Co. specialist and auctioneer. “The drawing carried a huge amount of interest. It was also exciting to see a George Jones pitcher, which I had to drop from $200 to $50 just to get an opening bid, hammer for $900” ($1,125 with premium).

Another George Jones piece – a majolica partridge tureen made in England around 1875, had a pre-sale estimate of $400-$600 but ended up brining a robust $5,000. The 7-inch-tall tureen featured a figural nesting bird handle atop a leafy lid, with rabbits and oak trees decorating the bowl against a pale blue background. Other majolica pieces in the auction also performed well.

These included a three-piece Minton and English majolica teapot grouping from the late 19th or early 20th century. Included were one Minton lemon teapot with a mushroom lid, one Minton apple blossom teapot and one teapot with an applied branch handle and spout with bird finial. The yellow teapot was marked “Minton John Mortlock”. The group changed hands for $5,000.

“It was great to see that the Majolica market is alive and well for the great pieces,” said Kevin Bruneau, president of Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers, who added, “It was an amazing day all the way through, from passionate collectors during the steam engine sale in house to international bidders on fine and Asian arts. This sale had a ton of interest. Everyone went home pleased.”

Steam engines proved popular. Top lots included an early 20th century German horizontal steam engine with a large flywheel mounted to a footed casing decorated with stencil designs, retaining some original paint ($1,875); and a group of three early 20th century American steam engine pumps: two horizontal double flywheel pumps and one vertical cast iron electric pump ($1,250).

Following are additional highlights from the auction. Internet bidding was facilitated by,, and, plus the mobile app ‘Bruneau & Co.’ on iTunes or GooglePlay. Prices quoted include buyer’s premium.

A Jeff Koons (American, b. 1955) porcelain blue balloon dog in the original box fetched $7,500. The 10 ½ inch diameter, striking cobalt blue metallic dog, mounted to a silver mirror polished plate, was edition #1,495 of 2,300. Koons’s sculptures depict everyday objects, including balloon animals. They’re made from stainless steel, with mirror-finish surfaces. He works in New York.

Also earning $7,500 was a two-piece art glass sculpture by the noted American glass artist Dale Chihuly (b. 1941). The striking creation was an organic abstract yellow and red shell-shaped basket cradling a red and yellow jack-in-the-pulpit footless vase. The sculpture, 7 ½ inches tall and marked “Chihuly” on the bottom, was in a display having an overall height of 14 inches.

An oil on canvas painting by James Brade Sword (Pa., 1839-1915), depicting Long Pond on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., housed in a 23 inch by 35 inch frame, gaveled for $5,312. The work,
signed "J. B. Sword" lower left, was an Impressionist landscape depiction of the vast greenery that Martha's Vineyard offers, catching clouds rolling across an evening sky.

A large standing gilt bronze Buddha, made in Thailand in the 19th century and standing 68 inches tall from finial to feet (77 inches overall, counting the 9-inch wood base), commanded $6,600. The finely cast, gilt Buddha was shown with his arms outstretched and with a pleasant and serene face, mother of pearl eyes and an elaborate robe and sash.

A pair of fine, cloisonné Gu vases from the Qing Dynasty rose to $3,438. The powder blue multi-piece construction vases, 19 ½ inches tall, were decorated with lotus flower, taotie and lingzhi mushroom patterns and displayed vibrant gilt bronze throughout both.

Bruneau & Co. is currently accepting quality consignments for all future auctions, with commissions as low as zero percent. Now would be a good time to clean out your attic. To contact Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers about consigning a single piece or an entire collection, you may send an e-mail to Or, you can phone them at (401) 533-9980.

To learn more about Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers and the firm’s calendar of upcoming auctions, please visit Updates are posted frequently.

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Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers
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ACC GLOBAL MEDIA features Self Improvement Intervention Coach Erika Rado







Erika Rado Self Improvement Intervention Coach & Founder of Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts to be featured on ACC GLOBAL NEWS on Spirit, Healing & Life Transitions

The amazingly talented Erika Rado has the ability to capture your life stories and emotions & transfer them to a work of Art so incredible that the visual mutates into an empowering energy”


BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2020 / — Erika Rado & Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts Bellingham, WA
ACC GLOBAL NEWS Interview with Erika Rado, Founder of Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH, 2020 at 12NOON (12:00 p.m.) EST., Washington
Contact: Erika Rado
Phone: 1 (360)-393-7229

Contact: ACC Global Media, 1-888-725-0554 Radio)
ACC Global News Features Self Improvement Intervention Coach Erika Rado of Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts on Spirit, Soul, Healing & Life Transitions

ACC News Talk Radio Features Erika Rado

Bellingham, WA – Art evokes thought. Art evokes emotion. For the countless number of people that have worked with Erika Rado through her healing art coaching sessions, they will attest that art also evokes and inspires positive change.

For the better part of 30 years, Erika Rado has incorporated in her practice a wildly successful blend of healing techniques. Her career began with licensed massage therapy, grounded in intuition. Her art healing, meditation and energy healing now ride the crest of her long professional development. Whether it’s individual or group sessions, those going through transitional phases, relationship limbo or corporate setbacks, clients engage in Erika’s sessional work and reap the benefits.

The setting of Erika’s art healing sessions is warm and welcoming as clients join her via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or in person. Erika creates a safe space and paints impressions of the clients. Focused on the client while they observe her painting, it’s simply the presence of the individual that leads to the finished art piece, which is completed through inner vision.

Inspired by her own healing from a tumultuous, narcissistic relationship, Erika combined her diverse strengths in fine art, intuition and innate healing, to create a brand new approach for assisting others through any life turmoil or change. The result is her visionary art healing sessions.

Erika’s art sessions aid in understanding the questions and solutions to limiting behavior and blockages that are keeping people from living to their full potential. In one session, the heart and soul of the client is affirmed and guided back on the life path to fulfillment. To ensure that clients are able to continue on this positive path on their own time, revisiting the session experience, Erika provides an audio recording of the discussion of the painting, along with the original artwork created in the session.

“I show people they can feel bold about getting to the answers they seek. There’s no limit to what we can do. Give yourself the opportunity to take back responsibility for what you wish to create in your life. Learn to be your own visionary. You can gain new clarity and grounded enthusiasm for your life,” exclaims Rado.

Erika is releasing a new book about how her art session work came to be and how it can fit perfectly in the process of inner awakening. Erika also has a new world project called the Peaceful Horse Project, inspired by five horses that she has rescued. Erika has various products available now, including a soothing body butter for humans, and Peaceful Horse Lotion, which nurtures healing skin and acts as a stress reliever for horses in transition.

Erika Rado will be featured on ACC News Talk Radio on Thursday, February 20th at 12pm EST. For more information visit, email or call 360-393-7229.

Thank you for sharing this vital information with your clients, network of colleagues and co-workers! Please tune in at show tab below.

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