JC Matthew NZ Ltd brings Tony Stark to New Zealand Introducing the Iron Man MK50 Robot from Marvel and UBTech

The Iron Man MK50 Robot promises to "bring Tony Stark to life"

The Iron Man MK50 is the first humanoid robot inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and JC Matthew NZ Ltd is the exclusive distributor for New Zealand.

AUCKLAND, ROSEDALE, NEW ZEALAND, April 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Avengers: Endgame is arguably the most anticipated movie of the 21st century. To tie in with its release on 24 April, the Iron Man MK50 Robot is landing – and JC Matthew NZ Ltd is the exclusive distributor for New Zealand.

Created by Marvel and UBTech, this walking, talking robot promises to "bring Tony Stark to life" and allows the user to create, control, code, and battle in Iron Man's world. Standing at just over 32cm high, it is the first humanoid robot inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

JC Matthew NZ's director, Milton Frear, says, "We are so excited about this product! It's been described as a Marvel fan's 'ultimate dream', and it's easy to understand why. You can upload your own photo and audio to the robot's face display so, when the faceplate opens, you are Iron Man!" he laughs, "and that's just one highlight."

Other features include:

– A dynamic augmented reality (AR) experience through a free app for iOS and Android that lets the user play as Tony Stark and suit up in the iconic MK50 armour to practise their battle skills. Build the arsenal of nanotech weaponry, then battle against enemy drones inspired by Iron Man’s iconic villains, like the Chitauri and Ebony Maw.
– Mobile Command protocol puts the user in control of the robot's motors, lights and sound, with the ability to select specific phrases from a recognisable Tony Stark voice.
– Iron Guard protocol offers custom patrol capabilities, utilising cutting edge light sensor technology to detect enemy invaders and respond with audio and light reactions.
– Custom protocol lets the user build one-of-a-kind moves for the robot using block-based programming. The visual drag-and-drop programming editor allows the creation of simple, custom Iron Man scripts without any prior programming knowledge, and gives the user the full Super Hero power of Iron Man’s MK50 technology.

Strictly limited numbers of the Iron Man MK50 Robot are available for online purchase. Pre-orders are being taken now via jcmatthew.co.nz/ubtech-ironman (where detailed product information can also be found.)

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The Iron Man MK50 Robot from Marvel and UBTech, distributed exclusively in New Zealand by JC Matthew NZ Ltd

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Mizu, Innovative Bacteria Fighting Smart Towel Launches on eCommerce

Mizu Features 1

Discover Mizu. Everything you could ever dream of, all in one towel. You’ll wish you discovered it sooner.

Mizu Next Gen Towel

Discover the First Ever Smart Towel

Mizu Model

Smart. Comfortable. Stylish.

Mizu is the world’s first smart towel that tells you when it’s dirty via color changing stripes that sense impurities.

Mizu works on two fronts. 1) It eliminates bacterial growth and detects contaminants via a color-
changing stripe. 2) Pure, 100% silver is woven into cotton fibers of Mizu Towel”

— Mizu Towel

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mizu is the world’s first smart towel that tells you when it’s dirty. It has solvatochromic stripes that change color when they come into contact with impurities, so the user knows when to clean it. After months of development and testing by Cornell and MIT laureates, Mizu has launched on ecommerce to great success and steadily increasing demand. Mizu ships worldwide and is available for purchase at www.mizutowel.com.

Consumers and families are more hygiene-conscious then ever before, but many common household items are highly prone to bacterial growth. Mizu was engineered to offer both the luxurious comfort of a high-end towel and the technology to keep bathers cleaner and healthier.

“We are in the midst of a technological Renaissance,” said the founding team of Mizu, “and the middle class is growing worldwide. This means that many consumers across the globe care about hygiene more than, say, their parents or grandparents did, and these consumers are looking to technology to solve their problems. We saw a great opportunity here to create a product that was desirable and that had a positive impact.” Mizu is a modern solution that allows bathers to know, without a doubt, that they are clean after each bath or shower.

Mizu works on two fronts: it prevents bacterial growth and detects contaminants via a color-changing stripe (known as Mizutech). Pure 100% silver is woven into cotton fibers of the Mizu Towel. This all-natural element inhibits bacteria from growing and keeps the towel 99% free of disease-causing microbes. Other impurities like oil, dirt, sweat, and chemicals are detected by the patented Mizutech stripes. These color-changing indicators were developed by a team of textile engineering PhD holders and can only be found on Mizu Towels. When the color changes, it’s time for a wash.

Mizu is also one of the most comfortable towels on the market. It’s made from Xinjiang cotton, widely known as the softest cotton on Earth, and is constructed using Japanese techniques straight from Imabari. In the Towel industry, Imabari is a renowned region where royalty and the uber-elites go for their fabrics and custom clothing.

These Towels are also 50% larger and more absorbent than the average towel on the market. This increased volume allows the bather to dry off easier, rather than having to “scrub” with the towel. That generally means that Mizu stays cleaner for longer.

Mizu is made with safe and natural fibers that are suitable for all ages. Mizu hand and bath towels make brilliant additions to any living space but are also great for travelers and beach-goers who regularly come into contact with foreign contaminants. Thanks to Mizu’s twisted yarn weave, the textiles are incredibly durable and travel-friendly. They dry 3x faster than regular towels, making them ideal for trips to the pool or the gym.

About Mizu

Why do we get sick? Usually, it’s because we are exposed to harmful bacteria or toxins. While we try our best to stay clean, millions of contaminants and microscopic invaders thrive in places we least expect—our bedsheets, blankets, shoes, and towels. These are things we don’t clean enough because we don’t see the bacteria.

The founders of Mizu sought to make the world a cleaner place through a new line of smart fabrics that both resist contamination and also alert the user of when to wash. They successfully developed a prototype smart towel, but they knew that a smart towel alone would not be enough to succeed – they had to make a towel that people actually wanted to buy.

By sourcing the finest cotton and vigorous research, they discovered how to craft a towel that was truly comfortable (it’s not as easy as you think!). This led the Mizu team of doctors and engineers around the globe before they returned with the softest, most durable, and smartest towel on the planet.

Mizu is now shipping worldwide. For more information, visit www.mizutowel.com.

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Mizu Towel – Introducing the Smartest Towel Ever

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Heber Alonzo Meraz shares details of this year's Hartford Marathon

Heber Alonzo Meraz

Heber A. Meraz looks forward to this year's Hartford Marathon, set to take place in and around Bushnell Park this October.

TRUMBULL, CONNECTICUT, USA, April 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Set to take place on Saturday, October 12, this year's Hartford Marathon is already hotly anticipated by runners, families, charities, and volunteers in the capital of Connecticut and surrounding areas. Held in and around Bushnell Park and consisting of a marathon, half marathon, and 5K race, the event is set to kick off at 7:55 am, while the finish line expo and post-race festivities will continue until 2 pm, according to Heber Alonzo Meraz.

"Bushnell Park is an oasis in the heart of the city of Hartford," reveals Meraz, a keen marathon runner, project coordinator, and retired U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant from Trumbull, Connecticut, "where both adults and children from all walks of life head out to play."

A thriving, beautiful, and inviting place to play, exercise, and relax, says Meraz, the park is the ideal location around which to base the Hartford Marathon. The biggest race day in Connecticut, the marathon welcomes participants of all ages and abilities to join in what it calls 'an annual celebration of community, charity, health, and fitness.'

"There's a positive experience and a distance for everyone," Meraz suggests, "as runners, families, charities, and volunteers all come together in the heart of Connecticut for a truly unique and inspiring event."

The marathon is the final event in the three-race 'Connecticut Triple' challenge, taking runners through picturesque communities across the state as they progress from 10K to half marathon before taking on the Hartford Marathon itself in October. Participants in the challenge who register in advance also earn a commemorative medal, according to Meraz.

Perks of running the Hartford Marathon include specials at local restaurants, attractions, and events from October 11-13, while runners will also enjoy sports massages provided by the AMTA CT Sports Massage Team, security and medical services, and free athlete tracking, gear checks, and showers at YMCA Downtown.

"Athletes may also refuel with plentiful options at the food tent in the center of Bushnell Park, and enjoy a free beer in the beer garden for over-21s," reveals Meraz.

"There's also plenty of special swag up for grabs for runners to support big-time bragging rights!" he adds, wrapping up.

Heber Alonzo Meraz is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant. Raised in El Paso, Texas, and Dodge City, Kansas, Meraz joined the Marine Corps in 1994 and went on to complete 20 years active duty service. Today a project coordinator and senior analyst with Sikorsky Aircraft in Shelton, Connecticut, Heber A. Meraz—recipient of an American Red Cross Lifesaving Award—boasts a keen community spirit, regularly hosting local events in and around both Shelton and nearby Trumbull where he currently resides. Events hosted by Meraz include the annual 'Neighborhood Safety Event' focused on teaching children in the area about CPR, fire safety and prevention, and recognizing choking hazards. A keen marathon runner, Heber Meraz is also involved with Toys for Tots, a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to children whose parents are unable to afford to buy them gifts at Christmas.

For more information about the 2019 Hartford Marathon set to take place on Saturday, October 12, please head to https://www.hartfordmarathon.com/.

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Marcula Stauffer Shares Four Tips to Help You Paint Faster

Marcula Stauffer

Make the most of your valuable time by becoming a more efficient painter, a skill mastered by Marcula Stauffer.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, April 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — New artists are often surprised at the amount of time they spend painting a scene onto their canvas. For detail oriented people it can take even longer, turning one project into a seemingly never-ending task. An experienced artist can quickly cover a canvas but it’s not because they’re rushing. Each brush stroke should always be made with deliberate intentions. While experience is by far the best teacher, Marcula Stauffer shares four tips to help you meet deadlines and paint faster.

Plan Your Painting

Sometimes, the hardest part of the entire process is planning out what you want to paint and determining how you are going to achieve your desired end goal. This stage allows you to confidently begin your painting and continue moving forward without too much interruption or reflection. Marcula Stauffer suggests breaking down the painting into logical layers to avoid tedious work. Start with the background and work up to the finer details that must be placed last. Having to meticulously work around smaller components in the middle of the canvas will eat up valuable time and make you less efficient.

Use Larger Tools

Using a small brush does not equate to only making small mistakes. Small brushes should be used for fine details only. Pick up a large filbert paint brush to cover the canvas quickly, making every mark with deliberate intention. Marcula Stauffer will sometimes recommend using a palette knife, which can quickly spread out paint across a canvas and make large marks. Palette knives are very commonly used for acrylic and oil paintings.

Use Gestural Strokes

Using the full motion available in your arm, make bold strokes that capture the backbone of your scene. Think about how each component is connected, and put down the general outline of what is about to take place. Learning this skill is very difficult for those who regularly practice realist painting, however, Marcula Stauffer believes it’s useful across a wide variety of popular painting styles.


Choose a simple subject that will require little attention to fine detail. As you gain more experience, it can be easier to take on more complicated concepts. Marcula Stauffer notes that artists can also choose which areas of the scene need the most focus and accuracy, allowing you to simplify the background and remaining areas. Not only will this help you save time and paint with more efficiency, it will draw the viewer's eye toward the centerpiece of the painting.

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Shannon's Spring Fine Art Auction on Thursday, May 2nd, will feature top lots by European, American and Asian artists

A. Harrison

ALEXANDER HARRISON, American (1853-1930), “Misty Morning,” oil on canvas, signed, 27 3/4 x 39 1/2 inches, Estimate:$50,000-75,000

D Brega

DOUG BREGA, American (b. 1948), The Red Door, 2006, watercolor on paper, signed, 24 3/4 x 39 inches (sight), Estimate:$25,000-35,000

R. Nisbet

ROBERT HOGG NISBET, American (1879-1961), Northport, Long Island, 1914, oil on panel, signed and dated, 25 x 35 inches, Estimate:$15,000-30,000

A. Bricher

ALFRED THOMPSON BRICHER, American (1837-1908), The Open Coast oil on canvas, signed, 38 x 28 inches, Estimate:$25,000-35,000

J. Dufy

JEAN DUFY, French (1888-1964), Place De La Concorde, watercolor and gouache on paper, signed, 18 7/8 x 24 7/8 inches, Estimate:$40,000-60,000

The sale, which features nearly 250 lots, features quality paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture. Online bidding will be facilitated by Invaluable.com.

MILFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Shannon’s Spring Fine Art Auction on Thursday, May 2nd, is sure to attract an international audience with top lots by American, European and Asian artists. The sale, which features nearly 250 lots, will consist of quality paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture. Online bidding will be facilitated by Invaluable.com.

Leading the American category is John F. Kensett’s The Coast Near Narragansett. This painting has been in a private collection for 30 years and is sure to generate excitement as Kensett’s views of Narragansett rarely come to market. Over 20 paintings from an important collection of the Hudson River School will be offered in ready-to-hang condition, beautifully framed and well-maintained. Paintings from this collection are by artists including William Trost Richards, William Sonntag, Sr., David Johnson, Worthington Whittredge, John Williamson and many others.

A rare painting of a young woman in a field by Alexander Harrison leads the American Impressionist category. The painting has all the hallmarks of American ex-patriot art in subject, style and composition. It is a masterpiece quality work by Harrison and was likely exhibited in Paris in 1891 among other notable exhibitions of the period. Other highlights in American Impressionism include a view of Old Lyme by William Chadwick, a view of Wall Street in Winter by Guy C. Wiggins, and a large-format view of New Hope by contemporary American Impressionist Laurence A. Campbell and five paintings by New England Impressionist Eric Sloane.

European Impressionism is also well represented in the sale led by a beautiful drawing of two dancers by Edgar Degas. In just a few lines, Degas was able to capture the gesture and expression of the dance depicted in his characteristic bird’s eye view. The top-lot in the sale is a portrait of Julius Bard by German Impressionist artist Max Liebermann. Bard was Liebermann’s publisher and friend. This portrait was included in the 1911 exhibition of the Berlin Secession. It descended in Bard’s family and is being offered at auction for the first time. (est. $75,000-100,000)

Other highlights in European art include paintings by Jean Dufy, Felix Ziem, Roland Strasser, Herman Corrodi, André Lhote and more.

The Asian Art category is led by a contemporary sculpture by Taiwanese artist Li Chen. Harmonize without Compromise depicts a Buddha standing on a silver cloud—a classic motif in Asian art— made Contemporary with the addition of silver headphones. This highly approachable composition makes evident Chen’s appeal on the international market (est. $60,000-80,000). Other highlights in Asian art include two paintings by French/Vietnamese Impressionist Le Pho and a painting of Mothers with their Children by Chinese/Woodstock artist Hongnian Zhang.

Contemporary Art highlights include two large-format watercolors by American Realist Doug Brega, a three-dimensional composition of the Bronx Zoo by Larry Rivers, a watercolor by Jean Dubuffet, a large-format oil painting by Paul Jenkins and more!

An online catalog and a digital flip-book for this auction is available on www.shannons.com. Previews will be held daily, starting Monday, April 22nd, and continuing through Wednesday, May 1st (closed Sunday). Preview hours are 11-6 (EDT), except on Saturday, April 27th when the preview will be from 10:00AM-3:00PM. There will also be a preview on Thursday, May 2nd, the date of sale, from noon until 5:30PM. The auction will start promptly at 6PM EDT. Live, internet, phone and absentee bidding will all be accepted.
Shannon’s produces an extensive color catalog, which is available for sale on their website (shannons.com) or by calling 203.877.1711. A large, 8-page color brochure will be mailed to 18,000+ clients. If you would like to join the Shannon’s mailing list, please email the gallery at info@shannons.com.
Shannon’s Fine Art Auctioneers is always accepting quality consignments for future auctions. The next auction will be an Online Fine Art Auction on June 20, 2019 followed by another cataloged Fine Art Auction in October 2019. To consign a single piece of artwork, an estate or a collection, you may call them at (203) 877-1711; or, e-mail at info@shannons.com. To learn more about Shannon’s Fine Art Auctioneers and the Thursday, May 2nd auction, please visit www.shannons.com. Updates are posted frequently.
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Psychology Professor Completes New Book, "Book of the Bed: Human History as Told From Above and Between the Sheets"

Book of the Bed

Cover Design

History of the Bed Itself, Its Evolutionary Development and Beauty, and How It Helped History's Movers and Shakers Share and Wield Power

The BED is documentarian of the march of history.
It can be argued that life and love have their reign and rule, their beginning and ending, on the BED.
We also employ the BED when sleep demands.”

— James E. Shaw. Ph.D.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, April 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Psychology Professor's New Book, "Book of the Bed: Human History as Told From Above and Between the Sheets"

Contact: Litigation Support and Testimony: James E. Shaw, Ph.D. (310.678.6950)

James E. Shaw's new book (Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing) is both a careful and carefree 145+ pages account of history's movers and shakers and the power they shared and wielded in the bedroom. Shaw, who holds a Ph.D. degree from the Claremont Graduate University, and has taught in the doctoral programs of professional schools of Psychology (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and California Southern University), says, "The BED is documentarian of the march of human history. A wordless page, a silent witness, it is a faithful and eternal record within the suns and moons of time." Shaw states that the bed itself has constantly evolved into a practical and beautifully exquisite piece of furniture, "as we must expect, given the innumerable sundry and diverse movers and shakers who have populated the annals of history."

Shaw says that it is "pure coincidence" that his book was published within days of revelations about former Vice President Joe Biden who, at this writing, has been singled out by eight women for invading their space, burrowing his nose in their hair or otherwise engaging in unwanted and uninvited hugging and embracing behaviors. Shaw states, "The BED is both altar and shrine for the dramatic acts of the lust-laden and lovestruck; the noble and the nondescript; the knight and the knave; the correct and the corrupt."

Shaw says that Washington, D.C., is a "feverish" political environment that "husks and hustles" slowly-growing tales of male-female behavior. "In fact, forthcoming Town Halls, arranged to publicly present Presidential candidates, may soon begin several rounds of questioning these candidates with queries about their past sexual histories." Shaw notes that "Both male and female Presidential candidates–whether Biden or Bernie; Klobuchar or Kamala; Castro or Corey"–may find that an unexpected and surprising number of questions about their past relationships may be raised in the public comfort of Town Halls before, amid, and after the so-called 'hard questions' of the economy, national security, a uniform and effective national health insurance plan, growing racism, and foreign affairs."

Shaw cautions that "We will have to wait and see whether and how presidential campaign Town Halls might change from gusto and generosity to candidates' guarded and cagey responses." He adds: "It might well be asked and answered, at Town Halls, whether life and love have their reign and rule, their beginning and ending, on the BED." Before Americans vote, they certainly might view and review their most favored candidate and then rock their vote by raising the bar for their own interests, and not merely the candidate's interests. That is voter control." Shaw says that Scott Mering, General Manager of The Mattress Store Company, "enthusiastically took interest in my writing The Book of the Bed and regularly inquired about my writing progress. His time, encouragement and opinion, for which I will always be most grateful, is that in addition to appealing to a large, diverse cross-section of readers throughout America, The Book of the Bed might very well be welcomed by today's bedding and mattress industry as a kind of homecoming."

James E. Shaw
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Kallen Diggs Protects the Environment With an eBook Giveaway for Earth Day

eBook Bundle for Earth Day

Book publishers don't cut down trees to make eBooks. So, why not choose to save the environment by reading more eBooks?

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated in over 190 countries to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The holiday was inspired by an unfortunate three million gallon oil spill in 1969. Thousands of seabirds, dolphins, seals, and sea lions died because of the event.

Earth Day has become an annual worldwide reminder to care and protect our environment. Anyone can make a difference by being conscious about how their decisions affect the environment.

"A single holiday won't assist humanity in developing an attitude that we desperately need in our daily lives," says Kallen Diggs (Podcast Host of Reaching The Finish Line).

Nevertheless, such an holiday can be a great way to start becoming more conscious of our decisions. Not only will more people remember Earth Day, but they will be more conscious over time about protecting the environment. The National Institutes of Health discovered that it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit, which suggests that a person can stay committed after nine and a half weeks.

As an author, Kallen became more environmentally conscious by publishing his second book, Reaching The Finish Line: How to Thrive in the Generation Y Era, only as an eBook and audiobook.

For Earth Day, he's launching an eBook giveaway to avoid polluting environment, while offering participants a chance to win three noteworthy books that will improve their life in different areas.

The giveaway bundle includes the following eBooks:

The New York Times Bestseller
Who's In Your Room?: The Secret to Creating Your Best Life [Dr. Ivan Misner]

The Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award [IBPA] & Winner of the Foreword Indies
The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course When There Is None [Julie Benezet]

The Kobo International Bestseller & A Huffington Post Recommended Book
Reaching The Finish Line: A Practical Guide to Discovering The Champion in You [Kallen Diggs]

You can participate in the giveaway and maximize your chances of winning by visiting the eBook giveaway page.

The eBook giveaway starts on Thursday, April 11th @ 9am ET and ends on Sunday, April 21st @ 8pm ET. The winners will be announced on Earth Day.

Andre Bavo
Reaching The Finish Line
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All but one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence will headline University Archives' May 15th auction

All but one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence will be offered as individual lots in University Archives’ online auction slated for Wednesday, May 15th.

Signature of Thomas Lynch (1749-1779), a signer of the Declaration of Independence as a representative of South Carolina (Opening Bid: $5,000). He signed because his father was too ill.

Signature of Arthur Middleton (1742-1787), a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a leader of the American Party in Carolina (Opening Bid: $7,000). Middleton lived in Charleston.

Signature of Francis Lightfoot Lee (1734-1797), a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a member of the House of Burgess in the Colony of Virginia (Opening Bid: $3,000).

Signature of George Taylor (c. 1716-1781), a signer of the Declaration of Independence as a representative of Pennsylvania (Opening Bid: $8,500). Taylor was a Colonial ironmaster.

Anyone looking to start, add to or complete their collection of signers of the Declaration of Independence will have that chance in the online-only auction.

Rarely do you see a nearly complete set of Declaration signers come up for bid, especially as single lots. Some of these signatures have been off the market for a hundred years.”

— John Reznikoff

WESTPORT, CONN., UNITED STATES, April 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Anyone looking to start, add to or complete their collection of signers of the Declaration of Independence will have that opportunity in University Archives’ next online-only auction, set for Wednesday, May 15th, starting at 10:30 am Eastern time. All but one of the Declaration’s 56 signers will be offered as individual lots – not as a set – many for the first time.

“Rarely do you see a nearly complete set of Declaration signers come up for bid, especially as single lots,” said John Reznikoff, president of University Archives. “Some of these signatures have been off the market for a hundred years. This is a rare opportunity for collectors to own a piece of American history, or more than one piece if they’re filling in spaces in their collections.”

Mr. Reznikoff is no stranger to Declaration signers. Twice before he’s sold several complete once for well over one million dollars. “That was one of the finest sets in existence,” he remarked, “and the buyer was more than happy to pay that much.” Reznikoff added he’s probably sold more Declaration signer material than any other auction house or dealer alive.

Button Gwinnett – the only signer not in the auction – was a British-born American Founding Father and Georgia’s representative to the Continental Congress. He also served briefly as Georgia’s provisional president. The reason his signature is so rare is that he was killed in a duel by rival Lachlan McIntosh following a dispute after a failed invasion of East Florida, in 1777.

But the rest of the signers – from John Hancock to John Adams to Benjamin Franklin to Samuel Adams to George Wythe – are all in the sale, to include George Taylor (Opening Bid: $8,500); Arthur Middleton (OB: $7,000); Thomas Lynch (OB: $5,000); and Francis Lightfoot Lee (OB: $3,000). The Declaration announced and explained the United States’ separation from England.

Live bidding for the auction will be posted by April 25th. That’s when the full catalog will be available for view, at. www.UniversityArchives.com. As with all University Archives auctions, it will be loaded with rare, highly collectible autographed documents, manuscripts, books, photos and relics. Internet bidding will also be available via Invaluable.com and LiveAuctioneers.com.

In addition to the Declaration signers, other noteworthy consignments include four items signed by Abraham Lincoln and two items signed by George Washington (with possibly more of each on the way); a large aviation archive; a letter written and signed by Founding Father and political theorist Thomas Paine; plus the usual smattering of scarce, curated and highly collectible items.

As with all University Archives online auctions, this one will be packed with important, rare and collectible signed documents and other items relating to some of the most famous names in all of history. The firm has become world-renowned as a go-to source for rare material of this nature.

University Archives is currently seeking quality material for future auctions. The deadline to consign for the May 15th sale has technically passed, but if anyone has an item or collection that might complement the trove of Declaration signers or other material pertaining to U.S. history, they may contact John Reznikoff, at (203) 454-0111, or john@universityarchives.com.

“We can offer up to a 100 percent cash advance and a highly competitive commission structure,” Reznikoff said. “We’re only able to do this owing to our position in the industry as the premier auction house for signed historical documents, letters and manuscripts. Our reputation is rock-solid worldwide and has been earned over a period of four decades. People respect us globally.”

University Archives was founded in 1979, as a division of University Stamp Company, by John Reznikoff, who started collecting stamps and coins in 1968, while in the third grade. Industry-wide, Reznikoff is considered the leading authenticity expert for manuscripts and documents. He consults with law enforcement, dealers, auction houses and both major authentication companies.

For more information about University Archives and the Wednesday, May 15th Internet-only auction, please visit www.universityarchives.com. For phone bidding, please call 800-237-5692.

# # # #

John Reznikoff
University Archives
+1 800-237-5692
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C Larboard Partners with ID Discount to Give Back to First Responders and Military

The founders of C Larboard, Zoé and Rich Coulcher

The founders of C Larboard, Zoé and Rich Coulcher

Defiance Tools

Defiance Tools

Uncommon quality in gift sets galore make gifting for yourself or others easy.

Uncommon quality in gift sets galore make gifting easy for shoppers this holiday.

C Larboard Offers First-Responders and Military Men and Women 25% OFF Discount on All Gifts, Gadgets & Tools To Navigate Life Via ID Discount

We are proud to partner with ID Discount because they offer an easy way to take advantage of the discount and be included with such leading brands as Fanatics, Under Armour, Ford, SeaWorld and more.”

— Richard Coulcher

ORLANDO , FL, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — C Larboard, founded by Zoe' & Rich Coulcher, is a community of life-enthusiasts who thumb their nose to convention and look to the best bits and pieces of the past. They admire the quest for discovery and pay tribute to the thirst for exploration for new places and things.

Fueled by a passion for travel and the love of cool, innovative and unique products, CLarboard.com is the retail arm of the community. The Coulchers travel the world in search of unique gifts to offer in the C Larboard gift, gadget, and online general store.

On CLarboard.com, consumers can shop, share products in the C Larboard Booster Affiliate program and read up on new product offerings, travel tips, and life hacks highlighted in the Gift and Gadget Blog.

Sourced from the world and shipped to your door from their headquarters in Orlando, Florida, CLarboard.com is a gift shop full of unique collections inspired by the passion for adventure, innovation and living life on "your" terms.

The Coulcher's trademarked brand, Defiance Tools® offers “Tools To Navigate Life” and is a leading tool store online and a brand committed to redefining the meaning of tools. CLarborad.com proudly offers Defiance Tools' EDC gadgets and products to help consumers defy the difficulty of the day and complete any task: from turning a screw or saving the day like MacGyver to making a delicious cup of coffee or mixing a drink and so much more.

To thank the first-responders and military men and women who are part of the C Larboard community and those that are new to it, the founders of CLarboard.com think they should be rewarded with more than a thank you and a paycheck.

CLarboard.com has partnered with ID Discount to offer a 25% off discount, on all items online in their shop, to all military men and women and first-responders.

Law enforcement including local police, sheriff/deputies, and federal law enforcement are included. Firefighters, including all sections of local and wilderness response, emergency medical technician/service, and all medical emergency responders and emergency staff with credentials included. All current and retired members are accepted.

Additionally, those in public service, including all government/service employees with a valid .gov e-mail address are able to receive a 25% discount on all Defiance Tools.

The CLarboard.com military discount includes active duty, Veterans, and dependents.

Receiving the 25% discount is easy. can simply visit the Military of First Responder Discount Page on CLarboard.com and click to sign in to our partner, ID Discount.

After verification, military members and first responders will receive a one-time discount code to apply during checkout. For future purchases, they return to the same Defiance Tools First Responder Discount page, for another code.

ID Discount's technology enables retailers to verify in real-time customer eligibility for exclusive gated discounts while preventing fraudulent attempts and abuse.

ID Discount verifies the identity and group affiliation of customers against the industry’s most comprehensive and authoritative data sources. Their verification process simplifies the customer experience and increases access to discounts.

ID Discount is a trusted brand in identity verification. Serving over 700 merchants, ranging from garage startups to Fortune 500 companies, ID Discount automates the process of validating customer eligibility for targeted promotions.

Rich Coulcher shared his appreciation of the ease of use for first-responders and military men and women saying, "We are proud to partner with ID Discount because they offer an easy way to take advantage of the discount which makes it easy for us to give back to those who really deserve it."

Find more information on the C Larboard first responder discounts and military discounts at CLarboard.com.

About C Larboard:
C Larboard, LLC is a worldwide marketer of innovative gifts, cool gadgets, and Defiance Tools branded products in the following categories: Transportation Tools, Mobile & Communication Tools, Food & Beverage Tools, Fun & Fashion Tools, and Gadgets, Tools & EDC (every day carry). Many in the C Larboard community are also focused on bringing cool and innovative products to market. In addition to their online store, C Larboard also offers independent consulting and advisory services in all aspects of product development and product sourcing. Find more information on their "Gifts, Gadgets & General Store to Your Door" at CLarboard.com.

About Defiance Tools:
Defiance Tools is redefining the meaning of tools with Tools To Navigate Life. Defiance Tools is a brand inspired by breaking out of the expected norm, thinking and living in your own unique way…to defy the difficulty of the day. Defiance Tools' products are designed to provide quality, productivity and value to end users and are sold and distributed direct to consumers via e-commerce and retail store shelves. Consumers and retailers can find more information at DefianceTools.com.

About ID.Discount:
ID Discount is the simplest, most accurate verification platform for retailers who want to offer exclusive discounts. They are a team of tech-wizards, product support engineers and verification specialists. For more information please visit IDDiscount.com

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House Party Logo

HP 0.13.3

The House Party video game just released 0.13.3 and is now providing indie musicians with a new forum for discovery

This is our biggest House Party game update yet! We have brand new content, an awesome new music by some amazing up and coming indie artists and a great new LGBT-inclusive story! Many game firsts!””

— Bobby Ricci

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Things are heating up in the House Party game!

Eek! is proud to announce its latest 0.13.3 release, available now. House Party 0.13.3 is jam-packed with nearly 500 new lines of dialogue, new characters, and hours of new content.

Music is a big addition to 0.13.3 and another first for Eek! who opened its game to provide exposure to independent music artists. The team congratulates Popskyy (from Texas) and his song “FUNKBOX” as the winner of the House Party game music competition. The placed winners were Fokushi and the song “Dreamer”, Treclar and the song “Whip-its”, Kitanic Demon and the song “Chillax with KitanicDemon” and Fletnyx and the song “Chocolate Chip Cookies. This competition was truly international, with winners coming from France, New Zealand, Sweden and Austria, respectively.

Bobby Ricci, the CEO and Founder of Eek! Games was delighted by the quality of the artists and music submissions. "House Party makes another mark in the book of 'Video Game Firsts.’ Congrats to our winners! The tracks were awesome!”

New features added in House Party’s 0.13.3 update include a music selector, which is loaded with all the music contest’s winners, a new environment for romantic encounters, a groping mechanic (with all the consequences one could imagine), and an enormous amount of new items and interactions. Players should certainly check out the AI personality who lives in a briefcase. A real head-scratcher. In 0.13.3 we also have the first introduction to Leah, a brand-new character in House Party. She’s a lover and a fighter, and this Patrick-centric update even has a mini storyline just for Leah.

For a long time the Eek team has wanted to open up their gameplay to enable storylines and intimacy sequences that appeal to a broader audience, with a wider variety of sexual preferences, and 0.13.3 is their first step in doing just that. Patrick’s newest storyline includes our first major foray into providing such experiences, and will be the first of hopefully new types of storylines that their diverse fanbase can enjoy.

Up until now, the House Party video game has had just one song in rotation through its game. Its founders and creatives realized that a party needed to have more than one repeating song, so in early February 2019, Eek! invited independent music artists to submit their music for playback in the House Party game, which today has enjoyed over 1 million downloads worldwide.
Music fans are discovering new music from alternative sources, such as social media, TV shows and movies, and of course through video games. And it’s not just the players who get to enjoy the music they discover in these games, but also the enormous audiences who are watching these games being played by streamers on YouTube and Twitch. Hundreds of millions of fans watching billions of hours of content are being exposed to music from these talented independent musicians, providing them the tremendous exposure they seek. The winner, Popskyy said, “FUNKBOX is a fairly new song of mine. Someone brought up the House Party contest to me and said I should enter. So, I submitted FUNKBOX because I felt it was the perfect fit. Because you know… It sounds like an 80's adult film tune. LOL" Popskyy’s “FUNKBOX” is certain to entertain players as they experience the hilarious antics of the House Party game. Placed winner, Fletnyx went on to add, “I like to associate my music compositions with the things I enjoy most in life, one of them being video games.”

Eek! Games awarded the 1st Place winner $1,000 in cash, and the four other great talented artists $250 each. All the winners’ music compositions will be played throughout the House Party game for players’ enjoyment and to enhance the game experience. Players will get to experience the new House Party soundtrack in the latest release of the game, which is available right now.
Due to the success of the music search competition, Eek! Games will run a similar competition in the future to provide its game with new fresh music content, and budding artists with a rising platform for exposure and discovery. Musicians be warned though, House Party is not your mother’s sim game. It’s quite risqué in nature and touches on topics of debauchery, sex and comedic fun between player and the zany, therapy-needing cast. At its core, House Party is also a smart sexy game, delivering a unique gameplay mechanic through an advanced AI system whereby the player’s every choice influences the reaction and outcome of the game.

The gaming community has embraced House Party as an intelligent and challenging sexy PC sim game. The players and community acknowledge it as ”One of the most fun dating/hookup sims.”

You can find the House Party game on Steam, at https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/611790/
Follow us Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/eekgames/ or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/EekGamesLLC.

About Eek Games!
Eek! Games was founded by programmer Bobby Ricci in 2015 with “House Party” as its first release. In 2017 House Party launched on Steam as an Early Access game. Even though it was still very premature, the initial reception was surprising and the community built quickly. The game sold over 30,000 copies in its first few weeks and over 300,000 in its first year alone.

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