Crypto Bot Trader Alert: What You Need To Know About The Plan By Dan Hollings Before You Jump In

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Heather Farrell is The Profitable Expat

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Has the crypto code been cracked?

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Learn How To Profit From Crypto Volatility With The Plan

The Plan by Dan Hollings is everywhere right now and the big question on everyone's mind is; "Sounds good, but will it work for me?"

Over the past 11 weeks of real-money trading, my account is up 30% and is averaging $162.00/day in completely passive income.”

— Heather Farrell

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN, November 27, 2021 / — For anyone who is into crypto, even in the slightest, chances are good they have been hearing a lot about Dan Hollings The Plan. He is being called the man who cracked the crypto code and he is now fixed on teaching the world (or at least whoever wants to listen) how to make steady profits from this volatile market.

Heather Farrell, founder of The Profitable Expat went behind the scenes to get the questions answered that people really want to know about The Plan, investing in crypto, and how to know if this is a good fit for them.

"Most folks out there are once bitten, twice shy when it comes to investing," says Farrell. She goes on to say that "In today's world, the speed at which the investment climate is changing can be downright alarming." This is why she decided to pull back the curtain on this trendy topic to help explain who might benefit, and who should probably steer clear.

"It's just a simple training program," says Farrell, "that happens to be on the topic of investing in crypto."
In 6-sessions the complete novice is brought to an admirable level of understanding on:
– what crypto is and why it's here to stay,
– how blockchain technology makes cryptocurrencies the most transparent asset class in the world,
– how to use automated bots to profit from the volatility of the crypto market and earn steady passive income,
– and glimpses at other ways to invest in crypto that can also produce impressive returns.

Of special note: The Plan, now out of beta, is officially launching during the first 2-weeks of December and those interested in watching the creator; Dan Hollings as he provides an in-depth free webinar training on his program are invited to click here to secure a seat.

– After enrolling in The Plan, investors must open their own exchange account and manage their own investment capital which could be a deal-breaker for those who prefer to hire investment advisors.
– A minimum of $3,000usd/bot is required as seed capital.
– Students must complete approximately 10-12 hours of training and be willing to devote 30 minutes/week thereafter.

– It is not an investment pool or pyramid scheme (students must invest and control their own money).
– It is not investment advice (it teaches how to do a specific investing strategy).
– It is not difficult to learn, or labor-intensive to carry out.

After factoring in all this data, Farrell is comfortable in making the following assessment. "The Plan and Dan Hollings are both highly regarded and the training program would be worth considering for those who wish to take an active role in their investments and want to improve the ROI on their savings." She goes on to say "Furthermore, this asset class and investment strategy can add a vital pillar to a well-diversified portfolio that could very well produce one of the most reliable and impressive returns in any given dossier."

This program would not be a good fit for anyone wishing to have a completely hands-off investment and relinquish control of their capital to a 3rd party. Additionally, anyone who is completely incapable of operating a computer, or who has an extremely low tolerance for investment risk.

While there are many experts in this space who rightly point out that this particular investment strategy is very likely the safest way to invest in crypto today, it still bears mentioning that when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, there are no guarantees and people lose money every day. All students are advised to "do your own research" (DYOR) throughout the program and especially before putting real dollars to work in the market.

Farrell gives it a thumbs up for those who fall under the "who it's for" category. She is a Beta 1 member and completed the training herself so she could fully understand it in order to know if it's worthy of her endorsement.

Heather Farrell is an online business expert who specializes in matching up individuals with their ideal online business. Her background over the last decade is deeply rooted in e-commerce, digital marketing, and private label physical products. Prior to this, she spent several years tied to her computer, analyzing technical indicators to trade options.

Options trading is widely considered tech-heavy and time-consuming with unreliable profits and is not something the masses can easily carry out or earn a steady income from. The investment strategy in The Plan (crypto bot trading) on the other hand, could be considered the blissfully happy little brother or sister (to options trading) who skips in to check on the automated bots, tally up the daily profits, and carry on living a life away from the computer.

Farrell explains; "Over the past 11 weeks of real-money trading, my account is up 30% and is averaging $162.00/day in completely passive income."

Interested parties can click here to read a comprehensive review of Dan Hollings The Plan.

Farrell, her husband, and 2 cats currently reside in Japan where she blogs about online business, life in Japan, and her own crypto investing adventure. Anyone interested can read her blog: The Profitable Expat.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided here does not constitute investment advice or financial advice and should not be treated as such. The Crypto market is considered risky and people can lose money and should only invest what they can afford to lose. Investors should "do your own research" (DYOR) and consult a licensed professional in their jurisdiction. I do not work for The Plan or its associates, I am an independent affiliate and the opinions expressed here are my own. I may receive referral payments if you click on links in this article.

Heather Farrell
The Profitable Expat
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Dan Hollings The Plan Review

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Thank-you comments to YouTube and Omita for the world's first YouTube Game “YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game”

YouTuber Omita

Omita [ Omi Miyabina ]

YouTuber Omita

Omita [ Omi Miyabina ]

It is a hot topic in the news all over the world.

ITABASHI-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, November 27, 2021 / — After YouTuber Omita started the world's first “YouTube ice cream shop game” which viewers can actually play in November 2021, the site was featured on TV stations in the United States and became big news in Japan as well as around the world.

The response was great. Many comments were received from all over the world in the YouTube comment section.

In the comment section, the following remarks of praise have been posted.
“I couldn't go out much because of the coronavirus. It's a lot of fun to be an ice cream shop clerk in this game. Many thanks to YouTube and Omita.”
“My children are fascinated with the screen when I play the game, so it is very helpful.”
“The clerks in the YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game are cool and cute.”
“This game is really fashionable and amusing.”
“Whoever thought up this game is a genius.”
“Pure relaxation.”
“This game is an ice cream sensation.”
“It's amazing that people can think up a variety of interesting games like this.”

The world's first YouTube game has become a hot topic in news and other media around the world. It has been well received because visitors actually feel like a male or female clerk working at an ice cream shop. They feel happy and very amused.

Takahiro Kobayashi
Jyunka Association
+81 80-2674-7603

YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game

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Effect Hope Logo and Giving Shoesday text

This November 30, Canadians can support dignity and restoration with a gift of shoes.

Group of people watching shoemaker construct special shoes. In the foreground, a woman named Sumi watches. Her feet are damaged from leprosy.

Thanks to the shoes that Balaram the shoe maker is creating, Sumi’s feet will be protected from further damage and her mobility will be enhanced.

Canadian Christian Global Health Organization wants to change 500 lives with shoes

A small cut can become a massive health crisis. But specially designed shoes can prevent a catastrophe. We can change lives with these shoes.”

— Kim Evans, CEO of Effect Hope

MARKHAM, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 26, 2021 / — As people hunt for Black Friday deals on shoes, Canadian Christian Global Health Organization, Effect Hope challenges Canadians to give 500 pairs of shoes for Giving Tuesday on November 30.

In an event the non-profit organization is calling ‘Giving Shoesday,’ Effect Hope asks Canadians to make a gift of special protective shoes for people with nerve damage and injuries due to leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases.

The cost of a pair of this so-called miracle shoes is $25. This price point beats even the best Black Friday deals.

“Many people with leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases can’t feel pain anymore. Leprosy damages the nervous system meaning that the body stops sending warning signals to the brain. That’s what pain is – a warning,” explained Kim Evans, CEO of Effect Hope. “Suddenly, an everyday activity like walking is risky! Without pain, people don’t notice when they injure their foot. The small cut can become infected that just can’t heal. The infection can spread up the leg, and in some cases, amputation may be necessary to save a life. Many people whom we serve depend on their ability to walk to earn a living and to survive. A small cut can become a massive health crisis. 

But specially designed shoes can prevent a catastrophe. We can change lives with these shoes,” she added.

Custom-made miracle shoes help to protect the foot, allowing it to heal. These special shoes for people with ulcers and injuries from leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases cradle the foot in just the right way. The footwear also keeps people mobile so that they can work and be with their communities.  Thanks to miracle shoes, people experience restoration of their mobility and dignity.

Effect Hope is aiming to raise enough to provide 500 pairs of protective shoes to people who need them by November 30. Canadians can donate and receive a charitable tax receipt here:

About Effect Hope

Effect Hope is a Canadian Christian global health organization that partners with others to bring hope and restoration to people affected by neglected tropical diseases like leprosy. These diseases cause illness and disabilities, perpetuate poverty, invite discrimination, and eliminate hope. For about 130 years, Effect Hope has worked together with affected communities and people to find innovative solutions to ensure that those living with neglected tropical diseases can thrive.

With partners and supporters, Effect Hope seeks to create a world where people overcome neglected tropical diseases like leprosy – A world full of hope.

Anjay Nirula
Effect Hope
+1 416-459-9198
Visit us on social media:

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Explore Authors Magazine releases its list of hot new books and holiday favorites

As the Sparrows Fly by B.L. Blocher

As the Sparrows Fly by B.L. Blocher

Progeny by K.M. Hardy

Progeny by K.M. Hardy

The Maple Seed Helicopter by Marco Collina

The Maple Seed Helicopter by Marco Collina

Grab a hot cup of tea or coffee and curl up with a book from Explore Authors Magazine's list of hot new books to read this holiday

Get comfy, and check out a book from Explore Authors Magazine's list of hot new fiction, nonfiction and children's books to read this holiday.”

— Explore Authors Magazine

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2021 / — The following books on Explore Authors Magazine's list of books are available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere.


If you loved the first two books in the Sam McKay series you will love the latest installment. Progeny, by KM Hardy is the third book in the Sam McKay series. This taut edge-of-your-seat crime thriller follows our protagonist on yet another gripping criminal investigation, marking a brilliant follow-up up to the first two books, SCOTS HONOR and The Redcap. We’re enthralled. Available for PREORDER now Picaty Press, 978-1736734605

Mike Hain's philosophical book, Elephants on the Ceiling, will illuminate and captivate readers in search of a book about life and death. This book chronicles stories about near-death experiences. Intriguing. We highly recommend. Check it out, preorder now. ECMS Publishing, ISBN 978-1-7365591-1-6

Walking a Tightrope by Emma Gilman – This Victorian era novel enthralls as a privileged young woman discovers herself after she joins the circus and learns to walk a tightrope in the midst of a murder mystery. She is eventually pushed to the edge as the star of the show, amid her attraction to the dark and brooding antagonist. A beautiful and enjoyable read. ISBN-13: 978-1737859901, Venture Press

Black Hands by Sandy Freitas is a wonderful children's book about the value of hard work and rewards in this adorable and beautifully illustrated true-life-story children's book about a family-owned walnut farm. We love this story. Write on Books, ISBN 979-8-9850685-0-4

Renowned sportswriter and 2020 International Boxing Hall-of-Famer Bernard Fernandez covers 35 years of boxing in forthcoming book, Championship Rounds Vol. II, an outstanding and insightful follow-up to Championship Rounds Vol. I, released by the esteemed sports journalist and boxing historian in 2020. RKMA Publishing, 978-0578687308 We couldn't stop reading this book!

Marco Collina's beautiful story, the Maple Seed Helicopter chronicles the journey of an orphan from Italy to America during WWII in this heartwarming and nostalgic literary tale. A beautiful and inspiring story that will take readers to the Italian countryside circa 1940s. An enjoyable book. MAC PRESS, ISBN 978-0-578-65194-1

Chemistry 11 in Focus by Abdul Shakur makes complex chemistry concepts easy to follow. This textbook is perfect for classroom instruction as well as the independent learner. We highly recommend. An excellent book for teachers and students alike. ISBN 978-0578957470 , The New Awakenings Books

As the Sparrows Fly by B.L Blocher is a psychological thriller about sibling rivalry and revenge that will leave readers absolutely enthralled. This book has plenty of twists and turns to keep readers in suspense and yearning for more. The Emerald City Press, ISBN 978-1-7374610-1-2

Jason R. Van Pelt releases his fourth children’s book, Roxanne the Green Nose Reindeer is one of our holiday favorites. Young readers will love Van Pelt’s holiday book series that also includes, Party Monsters (a Mardi Gras story), Candy monsters (a Halloween children’s book), and Christmas Coupling. Add Van Pelt’s entire series to your collection today. J.R.V.P., 978-1-7371572-9-8

Duke Stories: Vacation Lake by Jennifer Neven is a heartwarming and fun tale sure to delight children. A wonderful tale for a bedtime story. Families will also love Jennifer Nevin's hilarious take on family in, My Grandma says the F-Word. We love it. | Shine Bright Books, ISBN: 978-1-7375130-1-8 and ISBN 978-1-7375130-0-1 (Grandma)

Be sure to check out Sixth Iteration by E. Hughes. This exciting, mysterious, romantic, sci-fi thriller will leave you questioning who’s real when a billion-dollar humanoid android falls in love with the scientist hired to program him, and goes on the run from the robotics corporation that will do anything to get him back. A captivating and romantic mystery , we highly recommend. ISBN: 978-0-9973200-6-0 Love-LovePublishing

Don't Forget by Robert Harmon is an engrossing and smart literary novel about a man at a turning point in his life. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery in this 1960s period piece, after taking on a ghostwriting job for a morally questionable man. A worthy and interesting read. We're intrigued. ISBN, 979-8497532203

What, Why, & How: Bottom-up Answers by mountain climber and philosopher Robert Wheeler, Ph.D explores philosophical and metaphysical questions about existence and humanity in this riveting examination that attempts to answer questions about the existence of life, a follow-up to Wheeler’s previous book, Call of the Mountain. Intriguing! OntosScience Press, 978-0-578-94516-3

Explore the EC Walsh’s witty musings and clever insights on society, politics, and life in this smart, intriguing series of essays, poems and humor in Natural Light: A Coffee Table Book. A great conversation piece and a wonderful addition to your coffee table. ISBN 978-0-578-30950-7, Dignam Press

Prolific songwriter and accomplished writer, Edward Kenny releases his new book, “Bluebird Songs VOL II“, the follow up to Bluebird Songs and “Lonesome Man on a Hermit’s Hill: A Verse Play.” Kenny has written over a thousand song lyrics and eight musicals since entering the Broadway scene in 1982. Bluebird Publishing, 978-578806457

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Joel Matlin, Entrepreneur, invents new Men's Fashion Belt







TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 26, 2021 / — Joel Matlin, founder of AlarmForce has developed the world's only personalized raised metal initial belt with auto adjustment technology.

"We’ve taken on the challenge to design the perfect and most comfortable belt, with the initials of the wearer in metal on the buckle face.", says Joel Matlin.

"It’s time to wear your own initials on your belt. Every Metal X buckle can be fitted with up to 5 initials – making it a great personalized gift. A personalized custom initial Metal X Belt makes the perfect gift. We're excited to offer until December 13th a personalized ZippyBelt for only $50, reduced from $139 for this one time promotion on Indiegogo."

"We're pleased that the US Patent Office has issued a patent pending on the ZippyBelt design.", Joel Matlin added.

"ZippyBelts is an important advancement in personalized men’s belts. The idea of one’s metal initials placed on a belt buckle (that will never fall off) results in one of the most stylish and practical gifts to receive. The personalization combined with the auto adjustment technology delivers an enhanced wearing experience, not available with traditional holed belts!"

Joel goes on to say "we guarantee delivery before Christmas."

Visit Indiegogo for more information.

Joel Matlin
ZippyBelts Inc.
+1 800-936-8051

ZippyBelts Video – Indiegogo

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Reward the World™ and Perkbox have partnered to help businesses deliver digital entertainment

Reward the World™ and Perkbox have partnered

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 26, 2021 / — Reward the World™ ( – a world leading digital entertainment rewards provider and Perkbox (, the global benefits platform, have partnered to help businesses deliver digital entertainment as part of a flexible rewards and benefits proposition that helps employers care for, connect with and celebrate their employees wherever they are.

Especially in this nearly post-COVID world, employees across the globe expect much more from their employers than the odd summer barbecue or gift card. Equally, switched on employers are recognizing that they need to modernise benefits offerings and unlock a personalised rewards experience, if they’re to attract, retain and engage the best talent.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Millennials will comprise 75% of the US workforce by 2030. In response to this, Perkbox, like many global companies, also recognizes that Millennials as a group come with a very different set expectations – they are totally comfortable with digital consumption and technology in general, not only expect to be treated as individuals and but also expect that organizations will quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving workplace. (PWC Millennials at work). It is therefore imperative that companies can offer a benefits and rewards program that also reflects the expectations of this increasingly important group.

Perkbox believes that joining forces with Reward the World™, companies will be in a great position to bring a huge choice of affordable digital rewards within easy and quick grasp of employees – through the new platform films can be rented, eMagazines, eBooks and audio books downloaded, and games played in return for relatively low levels of reward points.

Perkbox’s Director of Global Partnerships, Joel Tobias commented, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Reward the World™ to help companies of any size keep their colleagues entertained and engaged without breaking the bank. Its micro rewards offering is an important piece of the puzzle in delivering modern, flexible benefits that are easily accessible, have a wide variety of choice and provide something for everyone.”

Perkbox users can quickly redeem points at a Digital Rewards site exclusively reserved for Perkbox users. Currently only films (US only), eMagazines, eBooks, games and audio books are available but over the next few months this will be extended to include additional rewards, such as music and casual games.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Denis Hure, CEO Reward the World™ said, “We believe this partnership will readily support Perkbox’s global expansion strategy by providing their clients’ employees access to a huge choice of digital rewards, instantly redeemable globally, on any device “. He went on to say, “If this pandemic has taught us anything about employee rewards it is that people expect choice and instant accessibility to digital entertainment as the norm”.

Tani Theron
RTW Digital Ltd. (Reward the World™)
+44 20 3318 3103
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New Christmas Song Release

The cover is a Christmas-present tag that says: to Donna (Voice) from Santa.  The title is in large text: "I Want a Doll"   Also, there's a feminine hand in the lower right pulling up on a ribbon to a present box.

Cover Art to the new Swing-Style Christmas song “I Want a Doll”

We think 'I Want a Doll' should be a big help this year 'to make the season bright.'”

— Greg Nathan

SPRINGFIELD, OREGON, USA, November 26, 2021 / — Donna Courtell playfully sings "I Want a Doll," according to Greg Nathan, Owner/President of Soaring Music Publications, label for the new Christmas song. Ms. Courtell has been a champion of the Great American Songbook throughout her live-performing career. She is the only vocal artist to record "I Want a Doll."

Reed-man Paul Biondi has roots in Los Angeles, where he performed with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Mr. Biondi relocated to the Pacific Northwest many years ago. Since then, he has been prolific in his live-music appearances.

BMI award-winning songwriter Charles Nathan (1921-2012) wrote, "I Want a Doll." It is the second Charles Nathan song Soaring Music Publications has produced. The first was a title track to an album released in 2013. That song is from a staged musical written by Charles, "Where the Heck's the Plot?." The concerned song's title is "I'll Think of Something."

The arrangement of "I Want a Doll" enables it to become a video production. The presentation of the song will be as if it is a scene from a musical. The video is "in work," and although currently unfinished, the video's imagery is undergoing development.

The recording of "I Want a Doll" includes a seven-piece ensemble (including sleighbells) as the accompaniment, where Ms. Courtell is the eighth musician. Paul Biondi doubles on the recording, performing the clarinet and jazz tenor sax.

"I Want a Doll" is a spirited, Swing Christmas song with clever lyrics. You can hear the recording at the following link:

Soaring owner Greg explained: "We tried to make the recording sound like it came from the Swing era. Even the cover art has a "retro" feel to it. It's an old song that's new because recently produced Donna is the only one who's recorded it.

If you like Swing and Jazz-tenor-sax, this recording is an 'absolute must-hear.' There are even sleighbells to get through to the 'tiny tots.' The track has a tremendous amount going for it, probably one of the best Christmas-music products ever to hit the market.

You can play "I Want a Doll" right alongside all the traditional Christmas biggies. "I Want a Doll" fits right in. I'm glad we did it, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. We think 'I Want a Doll' should be a big help this year 'to make the season bright.'"

Greg said it deserves to chart but needs everyone that loves it to share it with their people for that to happen. He said those people who share it can earn rewards from Soaring.

Please, click on the link below for more information on how to earn rewards for sharing a link to stream "I Want a Doll."

Kindly use the contact details below to request more information:

Greg Nathan
Owner / President
Soaring Music Publications

Greg Nathan
Soaring Music Publications
+1 541-870-2893
Visit us on social media:

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This Black owned Card Game teaches kids emotional intelligence

EQ Kids Crew

EQ Kids Crew

Somocom Lab logo

Covid-19 turned this mother of two into an emotional intelligence card game creator

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2021 / — Chelsea Elliott, founder of Sōmōcom Lab and Macro Social Worker, has developed an interactive social-emotional learning kids’ card game called the EQ Kids Crew. The card game employs an innovative, fun approach to helping children understand their emotions and developing healthy coping techniques.

Elliott, a proud mother of two, has triumphed through her fair share of emotional troubles and, as a purveyor of all things mental health, noticed the emotional toll the pandemic was having on her oldest daughter and other families staying home.

“I saw parents becoming more frustrated with their kids because of a lack of communication. Kids were acting out more and more because of emotional challenges they didn’t have the vocabulary to talk about. I know how it feels to not have my voice heard as a child. My goal is to change that.”

Armed with the feelings wheel and her passion for protecting the mental health of children and families, Chelsea Elliott created the EQ Kids Crew Card Game. The crew consists of a diverse group of children who are teaching about emotions and different ways to manage them.

The non-competitive conversational card game comprises seven different play styles and allows players to act, imagine, role play, and even move around in a bid to learn the necessary tools to elevate their emotional intelligence.

“This is not a business, it’s a mission.” –Karen Hunter, radio host of The Karen Hunter Show and publisher
Elliott’s mission is to help children develop their voice to grow into emotionally healthy adults who understand the importance of setting boundaries, having self-awareness, and fostering healthy relationships.

Improve Your Children’s EQ Today!

Purchase EQ Kids Crew Today or learn more at

Chelsea Elliott, MSW
Somocom Lab
+1 (614) 398-1632

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Babyquick Announces Launch of 3D Adventure Platform Game on Steam

Picture of space with the moon and a dragon

babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon

Man playing computer game

PC Gamer

babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon is a fun and exciting 3D game that also contributes to advancing the decentralization of the current financial system

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, November 26, 2021 / — An innovative new PC adventure game is coming that offers gamers an exciting new gaming experience that challenges the senses. “babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon” is a 3D adventure platformer game created by babyquick that is set to launch on Steam on December 2, 2021.

“babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon” is an action, adventure, and 3D platformer game that is both fun and challenging. As the cute and cuddly dragon character babyquick, players must defeat enemies, conquer levels, and collect coins as they make their way to the moon to defeat a terrible force of evil known as The Fud King.

As players make their way throughout different worlds, including the earth, clouds, mines, oceans, and castles, they must help babyquick find and decipher clues to help their journey to the moon, all while fighting off dangerous enemies.

While “babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon” is an exciting game experience in itself, what sets the game apart from others on the market is the game’s ties to a larger mission: advancing the decentralization of the current financial system.

“babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon” is created by Babyquick, the next evolution of a yield-generating contract on the Polygon Chain. For those unfamiliar with Polygon, it’s an add-on layer to the Ethereum blockchain that allows developers to build interconnected networks. This allows for expansion of the Ethereum network, also extending its usefulness, security, and efficiency. New tokens and projects can take advantage of the Ethereum network with Polygon, including games.

One of these recent projects is QUICK, the cryptocurrency that powers QuickSwap, a decentralized exchange that makes trading on the Ethereum blockchain cheaper and faster. Babyquick leverages the power of QUICK as the first auto-claim QUICK reward mechanism that auto-claims for every holder. When investors buy $babyquick, they are rewarded for holding tokens for an hour or more and also gain a 7% reflection back in QUICK.

In terms of Babyquick’s game “babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon,” players purchase the game using fiat currency. A portion of the fiat revenue generated from the sales of the game will then be used by babyquick developers to buy back and burn $babyquick, building the token's value and utility.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of “babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon,” an exciting and innovative 3D platformer game. Players will love it not only for the fun and challenge it poses but also for the revolutionary way it supports decentralizing the current financial system,” said babyquick developers.

To access and play "babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon," visit To learn more about Babyquick, visit

Visit us on social media:

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OffGamers To Add STARZPLAY To Their Platform

Your Gaming Alliance

We hope that by adding STARZPLAY to our services, we will be able to provide our customers from the Middle East and North Africa an extra option to stream movies and shows.”

— said Karyn Thng, Strategic Partnership Director from OffGamers.

SINGAPORE, November 26, 2021 / — OffGamers will be adding STARZPLAY to their online platform and will also be including subscription codes for other video channel services.

STARZPLAY aims to provide viewers from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions, a comfortable and intuitive platform to watch the latest movies and TV series online.

Raghida Abou-Fadel, Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development, said: "STARZPLAY is excited to collaborate with OffGamers to further expand our distribution channel. OffGamers have access to a very unique customer segment and I am sure that STARZPLAY content will be enjoyed by OffGamers' customers."

OffGamers will also include promotional voucher codes for STARZPLAY, BluTV, UFC Arabia and Discovery+ for a limited time.

About OffGamers
OffGamers is a leading digital retail distribution and payments platform, offering game credits and top-ups for computer games, content publishers, education, e-commerce cards and telco recharge.

STARZPLAY is a subscription video on demand service that streams Hollywood movies, TV shows, documentaries, the same-time-as-the-US series – plus dedicated kids’ entertainment and Arabic content – to 20 countries across MENA and Pakistan.

Karyn Thng
OffGamers Global Pte. Ltd.
+65 9862 8773
Visit us on social media:

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