Dallas-based Companies Sponsor Prosper Youth Football & Soccer Programs

Q Sciences

Q Sciences

Best Flag Football Flags - Thanks to Sponsors

Best Flag Football Flags – Thanks to Sponsors

Coach James with the Wolfpack Pups

Coach James with the Wolfpack Pups

DFW-based companies Q Sciences & Cornerstone Marketing Solutions help local youth flag football teams compete in regional tournaments in the DFW area.

The coaches at Wolfpack are top-notch and are doing awesome things with these kids. We could not help but support such a great club.”

— Field Director of Global Distribution of Q Sciences Brandon Stevens

PROSPER, TEXAS, USA, June 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wolfpack FC, Prosper/Frisco’s premier flag football and soccer club has just been sponsored by Q Sciences and Cornerstone Marketing Solutions. Thanks to local DFW-based companies like these, 20+ kids ages 6-10 have jerseys & are able to play in multiple local summer tournaments throughout Texas.

Not only that, Q-Sciences has also purchased the best Shruumz flag football flags any tournament team could wear. If that wasn't enough, according to flag football coach James Harrison, "If it wasn't for our sponsor 3 of our players that didn't have the opportunity to play at the upcoming Cowboys Stadium flag football tournament will now be able to play and have an experience of a lifetime." That’s right these kids will get to play on the actual turf field under the giant megatron at AT&T stadium, in a FFWCT sanctioned tournament put on by Go Team Sports on June 26th, 2021. Something unheard of for most of the kids on their teams.

Wolfpack FC gives kids of ALL levels a chance to play competitively and to improve their skills. Some Wolfpack teams' pool standings result in 0 points for and 58 against, while another could be just 1 point away from winning the whole tournament (with a bunch of rookies!).

Field Director of Global Distribution of Q Sciences Brandon Stevens states "The coaches at Wolfpack are top-notch and are doing awesome things with these kids. We could not help but support such a great club".

The U.S. Olympic Committee, the Aspen Institute & Nike conducted a survey and asked kids to rank What's Fun?
The results:

#1 Trying Your Best
#2 Getting Treated with Respect
#3 Playing Time

Believe it or not, winning placed 48th on the list.

Wolfpack FC provides the environment your developing players need to have a blast while becoming better athletes, and thanks to our sponsors they can keep giving local kids the opportunities they deserve and so desire.

Wolfpack FC is based out of Prosper, Texas, fielding players from Prosper, Celina, Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney & surrounding areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro.

If you are interested in playing with or sponsoring the pack, contact them at WolfpackFC.com.


James Harrison
James Harrison
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02 Market – How COVID 19 changed online shopping in 2021

Save money when shopping online”

— Eli Ofel

TOMS RIVER, NJ, USA, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 02 Market – How COVID 19 changed online shopping in 2021

16th June 2021 With eCommerce growing amid the COVID 19 crisis, online shopping price comparison company 02 Market looks back on significant shifts in consumption patterns and the impact on customers' safety and financial health.

The pandemic triggered a surge in e-commerce and also accelerated transformation digitally. As lockdowns became the new norm, many businesses and consumers increasingly "went digital." Purchasing more goods and services online uplifted e-commerce's share of global retail trade from 14 percent in 2019 to about 17 percent in 2020.

"The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a boom in online businesses. Our customers have given us great feedback about the need for new automation tools and solutions meant to help customers find better products at the best prices using the data," says an O2 Market official.

The e-commerce revolution
More than two billion people shopped online in 2020, based on data by Statista. As a result, global e-retail sales exceeded 4.2 trillion dollars.
The vertiginous increase in online purchases recorded during the pandemic will be anything but temporary since consumers are determined to continue browsing and buying.

Most people have the firm intention of retaining their online shopping habits acquired during confinement. About 80% of the customers who used private brands during COVID-19 anticipate continuing to do so.

A new normal
Customers concerned about their health have embraced e-commerce, while businesses without physical distribution channels have adopted this solution as well. Online commerce has accelerated massively as a result.
E-commerce turnover rose by 55% during the third quarter of 202 compared to the same period in 2019. As a result, the online shopping boom is expected to continue, with most buyers saying they will repeat the process.

Social networks
Social Networks have made the transition from a promotional channel for brands to a sales channel. More than 37 percent of millennials used a social network for purchases in Q1 of 2020. As consumers get more comfortable ordering through their phones, they are more likely to complete entire transactions on social media.

Click and collect
Since the onset of the pandemic, the importance of consumer safety has never been higher. In addition, customers prefer to pay using contactless means of payment. Accordingly, companies offering these services saw their sales increase in the second quarter by 2.3 times.

In two days or less
Customers now need an efficient and straightforward product return process, fast delivery times, and strong personal and payment data protection. American consumers were even more adamant about delivery. Almost half 45% say that if it takes longer than two days to deliver or pick up an item, they'll look elsewhere. More than half of them expect to order online and pick up their order in-store the same day.

Tracking and ordering stood out as essential for buyers. A third of them wanted to know their order status between the purchases until the last minute when the package is delivered to their home.

Today retailers pay more attention to their consumer shopping experience and how they can track and receive the item they purchase as if it was just as important as the item itself.

A desire for novelty
The changes are not just quantitative. Not only are consumers increasing their online purchases, but they are also using new services. 40% say they have used a new brand that they had never used before the confinement. In 2020, brand switching doubled from 2019. Compared with boomers, Gen Z and millennials are more likely to switch brands.

The eco-friendly consumer
Whether for men or women, the main reasons remain the convenience of online shopping at two levels: the ease of ordering without leaving home, which was naturally essential during confinement, and the assurance of being at home to receive the package calmly. However, as sustainability is becoming a global priority, people are also worried about their environmental impact in the post-confinement period.

Price comparison
Online shoppers have driven retailers to drop prices, and thus it is effortless to miss out on a great deal. To solve this, 02 Market displays all price differences side-by-side, without couponing.

While price comparison has historically been made by opening many tabs, but a large number of products and the critical decision-making factors—from return policies to delivery times—in the mix now mean that it is too complex to do manually. The 02 Market price comparison platform seeks to help consumers better manage and use retailer data for better financial health.

Customers can save money online on 02 Market by shopping around at all the major online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Macy's, and many more.

About 02 Market
02 Market is the most comprehensive price monitoring and comparison tool for online shoppers, helping buyers get the best deals on the best products. 02 Market helps customers better track prices and compare prices online to save money when shopping. If you're interested, go to https://02.market/how.html.

Eli ofel
02 market group Llc

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LiveAuctioneers announces proposed acquisition by Auction Technology Group

Treasure hunters and auctioneers to receive access to enhanced suite of online products and services

As part of ATG, LiveAuctioneers’ partners will extend their online marketing to reach ATG’s network of bidders from 150 countries around the world.”

— Phil Michaelson, CEO LiveAuctioneers

NEW YORK, N.Y., USA, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — LiveAuctioneers, one of North America’s favorite destinations for fine and decorative arts, antiques and luxury goods, today announced its agreement to join Auction Technology Group’s family of curated online marketplaces and auction-technology solutions.

LiveAuctioneers is delighted to have a new partner with a long history of empowering arts and antiques auctioneers with a suite of online tools, content, and services available to maximize the value of assets auctioneers sell for their consignors. The acquisition by Auction Technology Group (LON:ATG) will more easily enable North American auction houses to access global bidders, accelerating LiveAuctioneers’ continued growth as well as driving the appeal of secondhand items and the circular economy.

The auction industry is going through a structural shift from offline to online and in so doing faces competition from large ecommerce companies selling secondary goods. A key part of ATG’s strategy is to help the auction industry evolve and compete. LiveAuctioneers’ acquisition by ATG enhances the combined Group’s ability to invest in key elements of the end-to-end buying and selling experience, thereby enhancing value for auctioneers, consignors, and bidders alike. It also demonstrates LiveAuctioneers’ commitment to investing in cloud solutions for payments, compliance, and back office that simplify auction-house operations.

Phil Michaelson, CEO of LiveAuctioneers, commented:

“LiveAuctioneers is proud of the relationship it has developed as a trusted partner to auction houses and the value it has delivered to those businesses over the last nineteen years. As part of ATG, LiveAuctioneers’ partners will extend their online marketing to reach ATG’s network of bidders from 150 countries around the world. This, plus deeper investment in the end-to-end buyer experience, will enable auctioneers to foster enhanced competition for, and realize the full value of, the arts and antiques items being auctioned and expand the appeal of live online auctions as the best path by which to buy and sell secondary goods. We are thrilled by what the future holds for treasure hunters and the broader auction community.”

John-Paul Savant, CEO of Auction Technology Group, commented:

“We are excited to announce the proposed acquisition of LiveAuctioneers. It enables ATG to enter the large and fast-growing North American art and antiques segment, further diversifying our business and bringing complementary auctioneers and bidders to our Group. It will strengthen our ability to invest in improving the buying experience, thereby making online auctions more attractive to bidders around the world and helping auctioneers realize higher asset values for their consignors. Our goal is to keep this important industry competitive in an increasingly digital world and, in turn, accelerate the pace of sustainable commerce by making it easier and more attractive to buy and sell through auctions. We are delighted to welcome the strong LiveAuctioneers team, which has a similar culture to ATG, and look forward to working closely together in the future.”

Through the proposed acquisition, thousands of auction houses that have run their auctions on LiveAuctioneers will benefit from the option to list their auctions on ATG’s existing marketplaces and reach a wider audience of bidders. Likewise, ATG’s existing auctioneer clients will have the option to list on LiveAuctioneers, reaching bidders in North America who annually win over one million items on LiveAuctioneers. Further, payment, back-office and marketing solutions can more efficiently be made mutually available to ATG’s and LiveAuctioneers’ partner auction houses.

ATG’s existing arts & antiques marketplaces are thesaleroom.com, which was founded by ATG in 2006, and German fine art & antiques marketplace Lot-tissimo, which was acquired by ATG in 2018. The Group also operates four marketplaces in the industrial & commercial sector.

LiveAuctioneers.com will continue to operate with its headquarters in New York City and be led by CEO Phil Michaelson. The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals.

# # #

About LiveAuctioneers
Founded in 2002, LiveAuctioneers is a leading source in North America for fine and decorative art, antiques and vintage collectibles from thousands of quality auction houses and galleries. The preferred online destination for bidders seeking one-of-a-kind treasures, its platform provides a seamless search, bidding and purchasing experience across the web and via its iOS/Android mobile-bidding apps. Always seeking to create enduring value for buyers and auction houses alike, LiveAuctioneers continues to be a leading innovator with its live-streaming video capabilities, online payments with anti-fraud guarantees, free consignment-sourcing solutions for auctioneers, and a free art and collectibles price-results database that contains millions of entries. To learn more, visit liveauctioneers.com.

About Auction Technology Group
Auction Technology Group plc (‘ATG’) is the operator of the world’s leading marketplaces and auction services for curated online auctions, seamlessly connecting bidders from around the world to over 2,000 trusted auction houses across three major sectors: industrial & commercial equipment, art & antiques, and consumer surplus & retail returns.
The Group powers six online marketplaces using its proprietary auction platform technology, hosting c. 30,000 live and timed auctions and listing c. 12 million items for sale each year. ATG has been supporting the auction industry since 1971 when it launched the Antiques Trade Gazette, and the company has offices in the UK, USA and Germany. ATG listed on the Main Market of London Stock Exchange in February 2021.

Catherine Saunders-Watson
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Connor Crenshaw Discusses Benefits of Kids Playing Tennis

Connor Crenshaw Discusses Benefits of Kids Playing Tennis

Connor Crenshaw Discusses Benefits of Kids Playing Tennis

Connor Crenshaw

Connor Crenshaw

Athlete Connor Crenshaw recently discussed the benefits of the sport of tennis for kids.

Tennis is unique, because it can be an individual and a team sport”

— Connor Crenshaw

BATON ROUGE, , LOUISIANA, USA, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It's no secret that sports can be beneficial to children of all ages. They keep them physically active, form lifelong friendships, and provide developmental benefits. Connor Crenshaw has been volunteering as a tennis coach for kids for years, and he recently explained why the sport of tennis is an excellent option for your young athletes.

"Tennis is unique, because it can be an individual and a team sport," Connor Crenshaw said. "This allows the child to benefit from both forms of competition and recreational play."

Crenshaw explained that tennis can be played as singles or doubles. It can also be played as part of a larger school or community team. Kids learn to accept wins and losses as an individual as well as through a group setting.

Crenshaw added that tennis is an extremely low contact sport. Many contact sports, like football and rugby, have been criticized for the potential for long-term injuries. Tennis does have accidents, such as colliding with your doubles partner or being hit with a tennis ball, but these are substantially less common than in contact sports.

"Tennis is a sport in which a coach is always nearby and can provide one-on-one advice and supervision," Connor Crenshaw said. "This is ideal for safety and for developing proper technique and form."

Crenshaw explained that tennis offers a lot more one-on-one practice with the coach or coaches than other sports. This allows for quicker development and quicker advancement.

Tennis has also been linked to mental and physical development. Connor Crenshaw cited a study by the University of Illinois that showed tennis could facilitate new connections among nerves in the brain. This can result in continued development of hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and more.
"Tennis is a sport that requires a high level of fitness," Connor Crenshaw added. "This level of activity can help reduce the chance of childhood obesity and strengthen your child's cardiovascular system. Tennis players also inevitably develop muscle strength throughout all areas of the body."

Crenshaw added that playing sports like tennis can benefit the immune system, which is especially important as society continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. The physical conditioning developed while playing tennis can increase your child's resistance to disease and boost the immune system.

"Most importantly, tennis a sport that's fun for kids," Connor Crenshaw concluded. "In addition to the traditional form of the game, coaches create countless games to keep kids engaged while advancing their skills."

Crenshaw serves as a volunteer tennis coach for kids at Gardere Community Christian School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is also an active contributor to the Strong Kids for Tennis organization.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Raised At Full Draw Women’s Bow Hunting Retreat Hits the Bullseye

Raised at Full Draw Group picture on bow hunting target practice range

Raised at Full Draw Women’s Bow Hunting Retreat 2021 Group

Women bow and arrow at full draw

Member of the Raised at Full Draw Women’s Bow Hunting Retreat at “Full Draw”

Women Bow Hunters in discussion in 3-D shooting range.

Participants participated in earning their national bowhunting certification.

Attendees from a dozen states convened near Winterset, Iowa, for bow hunting certification, hunters' safety and instruction, and skill development.

I am blessed to be a part of this incredible group of women hunters,”

— Karin Holder, founding member of the Raised At Full Draw organization

WINTERSET, IOWA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the popularity of bow hunting continues to grow after the pandemic caused many families and individuals to find new outdoor interests, the tremendous surge in women hunters is also growing. The Raised At Full Draw non-profit organization held its third season of an all-women’s bow hunting educational camp called R.I.S.E (Reach, Inspire, Support, Empower) Women’s Outdoor Retreat.

This three-day, women’s bow hunting event brought hunters from California, Utah, Montana, and as far east as Ohio. The camp, which is designed for all levels of hunters, gave women the opportunity to sharpen their hunting skills, share best practices, and learn about new techniques and hunting gear from certificated bowhunter education instructors, the Local State Iowa DNR Conservation Officer, an outdoors expert from the local Scheels, members of the Raised Hunting TV Series, and from each other.

“This retreat was one of our best yet. I’m amazed with the talent these women have as hunters, and I’m inspired by their willingness to share techniques to help others improve,” commented Chief Operating Officer of the R.I.S.E. camp, Donise Petersen. “Each participant successfully completed their national bowhunting certification through our camp. We are proud to do our part in supporting these women and the hunting industry across the country.”

With one of the nation’s largest deer populations in Iowa, the Raised at Full Draw Bow Hunting camps are designed to promote archery, hunting, and outdoor education. The goal of the R.I.S.E. camp and all of their youth camps is to pass knowledge and techniques on to the next generation, and allow them an opportunity to learn in a safe hands-on environment.

“I’ve worked in the Iowa conservation industry for years, and this organization is a great resource for hunters, whether they are from Iowa or across the country, to learn from some of the best, most ethical hunters who are committed to helping others improve their skills and earn successful hunts,” said local Madison County Iowa DNR State Conservation Officer Craig Lonneman.

Lonneman shared that Iowa has one of the highest whitetail deer populations in the United States. Iowa’s bow-hunting season for deer begins in October. For information on hunting in your area, contact your local DNR agent.

From sharing stories of bear and deer hunts to discussing tree stands, gear, and snacks, the Raised at Full Draw RISE Retreat delivered a powerful message to women who want to learn and improve their hunting skills in order to ethically harvest and prepare fresh, organic meat for themselves and their families.

“I feel so blessed to be a part of this incredible group of women, as they share their stories of successful encounters and experiences in nature,” said Karin Holder, founding member of the Raised At Full Draw organization.

Other camps available this summer and fall include youth camps in Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, and other states. A full list of camps and registration information are available on the Raised at Full Draw website.

National sponsors of Raised At Full Draw include: Under Armour, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Raised Hunting, Fourth Arrow/ Wyndscent, Realtree, Delta McKenzie 3D targets, Gamo, Vortex, Grizzly, and Bear & Trophy Ridge. Local R.I.S.E. Sponsors include: Federal Ammunition & Scheels.

No hunting is actually done at the camps. The focus is on target practice for bow accuracy, safety, strategy, the ethical treatment of animals, and the importance of the hunting industry to our animal population.

About Raised at Full Draw
Raised At Full Draw is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Winterset, Iowa. They offer a variety of camps and educational resources around the United States to promote hunter’s safety and education for women and youth. The goal of the camps is to pass knowledge and techniques on to the next generation, and allow them an opportunity to learn in a safe hands-on environment. For information on RAFD, please email us at info@raisedatfulldraw.com.

About Raised Hunting
The Raised Hunting organization manages the Raised Hunting TV Series, which airs on the Outdoor Channel, to provide hunters and hunting enthusiasts with real-life hunting experiences to ensure ethical, safe and successful encounters. They also offer the Ultimate Hunter's Guide book. For more information about Raised Hunting, please email us at info@raisedhunting.com or visit www.RaisedHunting.com.

About Raised Outdoors
The Raised Outdoors organization is dedicated to helping hunters create safe, successful and ethical hunting experiences by providing resources to develop new techniques from their team of experts. Hunters learn new tracking and observation strategies to increase effective success rates, and they stay updated on the proper gear and clothing necessary for managing a successful hunt. Memberships are available to Raised Outdoors for both new and experienced hunters to gain a better understanding of the basics of hunting, to improve their skills, and recognize each animal’s unique behavior to set hunters up for their best season yet. For information about Raised Outdoors, please visit our website www.raisedoutdoors.com.


Jana Rieker
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The Lesbian Island Rises From The Ashes

Happy Pride Month

Happy Pride Month

A new company is reviving Lesbian Island and launching its first free lesbian app as well as helping girls who have been harassed for being lesbian.

WA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — What is The Lesbian Island?
The Lesbian Island was founded in 2020 as an Idea and a dream to create a new country for women only and unlike other similar ideas, it won't be for tourists nor those who can pay only.

The Lesbian Island will be free for all and will accept all women.
Lesbian Island won't ask about their past and gives people a second chance to start a new life and forget their past.

There is only one law. If a girl commits a crime, she will be exiled and not allowed to return; that's all.
Lesbian Island will be like a utopia where no crime will be allowed and there will be absolute justice for all.

The dream of Lesbian Island is starting to come true.
Because Lesbian Island knows very well the difficulties that lesbian girls face in finding a partner, especially if she is from a country hostile to homosexuals, especially since the majority of those countries that are hostile to lesbians are mostly poor countries, so girls there cannot even use Dating Apps because all dating Apps even if It was free it would only allow a limited Chat with limited features, so Lesbian Island launched its first completely free app to help these girls!

The Other apps charge their users for everything, limit the chat and ask to pay to see who visits their profile.

But the Lesbian Island App is a 100% Free Lesbian Dating App and everything is unlimited.

What are Lesbian Island App features?

1) The only real 100% free lesbian dating app on Google Play.
2) Users can find nearby Lesbian women for free.
3) Free VIP membership to all of the members.
4) Members can create a profile with their bio and interests.
5) Unlimited videos, images, and posts.
6) Users can like each other's profiles and send gifts to each other.
7) Members can watch the other members' videos, pictures, and posts.
8) Unlimited Free Lesbian Chat.
9) Pride profile link for all users: https://Lesbian.is/UserName.
10) Members can see who visits their profile for free.
11) All of the App features are Unlimited, Unlike the other Apps.
12) Members can see who visits their profile for free.
Lesbian Island is available on Google Play. The app name on Google Play is "Lesbian Island" Lesbian Island is the only 100% free Lesbian Dating App and it will always be free.
Lesbian Island website also is a Premium name: https://Lesbian.is
And the Dating and Lesbian Chat website: https://lesbian.dating

The Lesbian App is just a way to help these poor girls until the dream of the country is fully established, and They have already started buying a group of small private islands in order to be the nucleus of creating the new country for lesbian girls only.
Happy Pride Month to All.

Karol Peach
Lesbian Island
+1 844-844-3336
email us here
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Book of Free Stuff

Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects

Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects

How to live a more sustainable and economical life using open-source technology.

HOUGHTON, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — McGraw-Hill has published a new book: Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects.

The book takes lessons from one of the world's most prolific labs and shows everyone how to live a more sustainable and economical life using open-source technology.

Aimed at beginning hobbyists and makers, this engaging guide explains many ways to save money by making use of free, open-source technologies on everything from music, books, maps and videos to photographs, art, clothing, and cooking. The book shows the potential of at-home manufacturing, recycling projects—even how to score free big-ticket items, including housing and electricity. All the projects have big money saving in mind, but also big fun!

Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects lays out the many ways in which a common person can employ these resources on a small scale to live a more economical and sustainable lifestyle. Readers will get DIY projects that demonstrate making and sharing woodworking, electronics, mapping, 3D printing and much more.

• An easy to understand introduction to concepts of free and open-source sharing
• Includes numerous examples of technologies and the open-source communities that support them
• Puts makers and families in a position to save substantial amounts of money

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Major Fast Food Outlet Selects Clientron PT2500 POS

Subway Clientron PT2500 POS System

Subway Clientron PT2500 POS System

Clientron PT2500 POS

Clientron PT2500 POS

Clientron POS with 2nd monitor

Clientron POS with 2nd monitor

Clientron POS is firmly focused on providing POS systems that are easier for restaurants to use and easier for our solution partners to implement and maintain.

Clientron POS, and its software partner, are firmly focused on providing POS systems that are easier for restaurants to use and easier for our solution partners to implement and maintain.”

— Clientron Corp.

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 5,000 meals a minute. That's how many meals our client sells worldwide in a single minute. With service at that scale, even small inefficiencies and breakdowns can significantly impact business operations. Clientron POS, and its software partner, are firmly focused on providing POS systems that are easier for restaurants to use and easier for our solution partners to implement and maintain.

High Expectations
Our client is acutely aware of the importance of good partners to tackle their immediate requirements and be forward-thinking enough to avoid seemingly potentially unseen problems with a global presence. In essence, they are discerning, and our customer, an internationally recognized US-based fast-food chain, had some particular demands for their POS systems.

Hardware Stability
Reliability is subjective. In a storefront with a high customer throughput, it doesn't just mean "works pretty well most of the time," it means that it keeps working non-stop, all day long, 24/7/365, without missing a beat. Every minute offline cut a slice out of already razor-thin fast food profit margins.

Software Capability
Our client wanted to manage multiple complex promotional activities simultaneously. They also needed to integrate local money processing systems that comply with Taiwan's local regulations. With laws differing between nations and regions, the software must handle these correctly. In Taiwan, a primary focus is integrating with Taiwan's tax invoice system, a critical issue not tackled adequately by many other vendors.

Easy Maintenance
No in-store technicians mean the supplier must respond and deal with machine breakdowns as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many suppliers choose POS systems that look great on the outside, but they soon realize that the internal design is complicated, poorly laid out, and difficult to repair. The downside of this poor design manifests itself when it comes time for repairs and the tangle of wires and screws must be negotiated to perform routine tasks.

Reasonable Pricing
Regional differences often result in cost differences between suppliers, with North American and European suppliers being more expensive due to the general pricing in those regions. Retaining the high quality of their systems is paramount, and seeking out a local provider with the same quality of service as their other providers is crucial. Meanwhile, this discrepancy poses a challenge to suppliers based in the west that must drop prices to compete in the east.

Local suppliers can oftentimes offer services and products of similar quality but tend to be better matched to local pricing structures.

Clientron Delivers with Software Partnership
Satisfying these sorts of requirements is par-for-the-course at Clientron as we have ironed out and, dare we say, perfected the hardware design. After long discussions between Clientron POS and our Taiwan software partner, we chose the PT2500 after carefully considering the client's criteria. Outstanding performance aside, these are the factors that helped us win their trust.

Valued Software Partner
With many years of experience in Taiwan's catering industry, our software partner boasts a software team acutely familiar with the industry ecology and could successfully integrate the parent company's system with the Taiwan tax invoice system. A local provider with local expertise.

Rock Solid Hardware
As a leading POS designer and manufacturer, Clientron proudly wears the Made In Taiwan mark and wins clients’ trust through its comprehensive line of quality products. The Intel Core i3 processor possesses ample processing power and produces limited heat, allowing for fanless operation. In addition, a 9.7” customer-facing screen allows for promotion display while retaining its good looks through internal wiring.

The 15" eDP no-bezel display (1024 x 768) with touchscreen is easy to use and responsive for commercial use. The easy expansion allows useful additions like a cash drawer, audio, LAN, and others. CE, FCC, and LVD certifications allow pain-free compliance out the box.

Organized Under The Hood
We don't just make our POS systems pleasing to the end-user but also technicians. Unlike many POS providers that string together a patchwork of computer parts, we produce our own motherboards, custom-designed for each model. The interior has a straightforward, clean design because after eradicating redundant splicing and complicated circuit designs, there is no excess clutter to complicate repairs.

Our POS systems have design quality that extends to the internal parts. Customers have commented that they love the minimalist internal design and have never realized the huge impact an uncluttered interior can make on machine maintenance and repair.

Competitive Pricing
Finally, as a fully localized solution, prices reflect local market expectations. Our clients can take advantage of a provider’s expertise in their own locality and be assured that they are getting the best value at the best price.

With all the boxes checked, and the stellar track record of Clientron and our software partner, the client selected us for their rollout. The simple internal design was a turning point for them and they chose to adopt the new system for new stores immediately and gradually roll it out to existing locations as the current hardware reaches the end of its usable life.

About Clientron
For over 35 years, Clientron has designed kiosks and POS for system integrators around the world. We help you get your project from conception to the storefront quicker and easier while providing second-to-none after-sales support.

Clientron was founded in 1983. The company is dedicated to providing highly integrated embedded solutions to our clients worldwide.  With more than 35 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and after-sales service, Clientron offers high-quality and technology-leading solutions, including POS, Kiosk, Thin Client, and Automotive Electronics.  Clientron commits to continue providing engineering excellence towards innovative solutions and the best services to global partners and customers.  Visit us at www.clientron.com.


Hazel Yang
Clientron Corp.
+886 2 2698 7068
email us here

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Gear Up for Father’s Day with Gya Labs New Collection of Floral Waters

Logo of Gya Labs Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Logo of Gya Labs Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Gya Labs Plant-Based Skincare and Carrier Oils

We believe skincare routines have the potential to turn into rewarding self-care rituals that uplift the quality of life. Taking time to take care of yourself and your skin is an act of self-love.”

— Felicia Lee, PR Manager at Gya Labs

DOVER, DE, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gya Labs has expanded its product range of essential oils, plant-based skincare and aromatherapy products to include 14 new hydrosols this March 2021, available now through the online store. Designed for on-the-go convenience suitable for fast-paced lifestyles, these hydrosols offer a variety of benefits to the modern consumers’ self-care routines. Gya Labs’ core selection of essential oils allows users to reap the aromatherapy benefits of each oil for self-care and wellness purposes, so bringing in a collection of hydrosols was a natural progression from there. The hydrosols are also conveniently packed in spray-bottle packaging, making them very easy to use for a quick pick-me-up.

What’s the difference between essential oils and hydrosols? Similar to regular essential oils, hydrosols are a product made from the distillation of fresh flowers, herbs, and fruits among many other plant-based materials. The only difference being that hydrosols mostly contain the water used to make essential oils rather than the oil itself, making them subtler in scent as they contain the water-soluble constituents from the distillation process. Due to being less concentrated than regular essential oils, hydrosols are more skin-friendly and are often used to complement skincare and body care routines.

To start reaping the benefits of hydrosols, Gya Labs recommends Orange Blossom Hydrosol and French Lavender Hydrosol. Gya Labs orange blossom hydrosol is great for cleansing oily skin and reducing acne breakouts when used as a toner. It’s infused with neroli flowers and has a floral yet citrusy scent. Meanwhile for those who need a good night’s rest, Gya Labs French lavender hydrosol works great to soothe tired, stressed minds. Releasing a soothing and relaxing scent, spraying this hydrosol on bedsheets and pillows will help relax the mind and soothe the soul. It can also be spritzed all over the body after a shower to lightly scent the skin.

“Self-care is an important practice during times like these,” says Felicia Lee, PR Manager for Gya Labs. “We believe that daily skincare routines have the potential to turn into rewarding self-care rituals that uplift the quality of life. Taking time to take care of yourself and your skin is an act of self-love. It also allows you to step back for some much-needed reflection and relaxation.”

The newly launched Gya Labs Hydrosol collection comprises 14 botanical-infused scents and is currently available online at www.gyalabs.com. Orders above US$70 get 15% off their total bill, and enjoy free shipping on Gya Labs’ selection of aromatherapy, personal care and home products.

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E-GRIP has Begun Raising Support for New Fitness App

Ooh Inc will start raising support for its fitness product "E-GRIP" on Kickstarter. The E-GRIP is a next generation fitness product that connects to an app.

SAITAMA-CITY, SAITAMA-PREFECTURE, JAPAN, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Key Points about E-GRIP
・ Next Generation Fitness device
・ Turn Home into a Training Gym
・ The First App is the Boxing Fitness Called "Play Boxing"

・ Next Generation Fitness device
The E-GRIP is a fitness device that connects to a smartphone app. In recent years, when corona has restricted outside activity, exercising at home has become the norm. It is easy to get started, but it does not last long at all. This is where E-GRIP comes in. The E-GRIP makes it easy for clients to start exercising anytime, anywhere by connecting to the app on their smartphone.

・ Turn Home into a Training Gym
Exercising at home can be quite tedious, involving clearing away furniture, laying out yoga mats, and putting them away when users are done. All clients need is the E-GRIP, install the dedicated app on their smartphone, and they are ready to go.

・ The First App is the Boxing Fitness Called "Play Boxing"

Key Points about Play Boxing
・ Everyone can continue to enjoy hard-core fitness as if they were playing a rhythm game
・ Efficient exercise supervised by a professional boxer

・ Everyone can continue to enjoy hard-core fitness as if they were playing a rhythm game
It is like a rhythm game, and it is a fun way to get a real workout so clients can keep going. There are more than 80 songs, from rock to pop. All the exercise movements are original and created in accordance with the songs, so clients will never get bored.

・ Efficient exercise supervised by a professional boxer
It is supervised by Mr. Johji Nogi, a former professional boxer himself, who was the training partner of former WBC World Flyweight Champion Daisuke Naito, and trained numerous boxers and martial artists such as Kaoru Uno, Hayato, Shuka Hamasaki, and Daigo Higa.

About Sales
Ooh! Inc. has started pre-sales and fundraising on Kickstarter from May 31, 2021. The company will use the funds raised to make the E-GRIP mold and proceed with general sales.

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Yusuke Shiraki
Ooh Inc
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E-GRIP Trailer (Japanese/English)

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